INTERVIEW: The Qemists

The Qemists are set to perform at this year’s Macmillan Fest on Saturday 3rd of September in Nottingham. What are the band looking forward to about this festival in comparison to others they’ve played?

We’re aware that Macmillan Fest is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for those affected by cancer, so we are proud to be given the opportunity to come and be a part of something positive.

What do you already know about Macmillan Fest?

We have heard some exciting stories about the energy and general levels of fun there. We can’t wait to come and play 🙂 and help the festival raise both awareness and funds for a great cause.

You guys played at a festival called ‘Rock For People’ this month. How did it go?

Awesome!!! We have been fortunate enough to have played RFP before, but this recent show was on a much bigger stage, and we closed the night so it was a full house. Energy levels were through the roof, and we were reported as the band of the festival so it seems they had as much fun as we did which is wonderful.

From being in a band, what are some skills or lessons that you guys have learnt that can be applied to life in general?

I think the first thing you have to learn is tolerance and empathy towards others; as far as the 5 of us being around each other all the time goes. But the truth is we all get on with each other so well that we don’t have problems on the road, we are a team and we work for each other. The greatest lessons in life come from traveling and experiencing different people, countries and cultures around the world, it brings us all closer together; something the world is in need of right now.

12642666_10153217810041851_4128737148191817425_nThe band’s latest album ‘Warrior Sound’ came out earlier this year. How has the feedback from fans helped in terms of future releases and live performance?

We’ve received a lot of love and positive feedback from the album, which is great. The fans that have been down since the beginning have all been waiting on this album for a long time, so a certain amount of apprehension sets in prior to release, but then people begin to respond positively at which point you can get back to enjoying yourself. We’ve really enjoyed touring the new material so far, it has translated into the live show wonderfully, and people seem to dig it. We’re constantly evolving and being out on the road performing is our gauge, so we’re forever building off the energy we see in our fans.

Was there anything you learnt about the band as a whole, throughout the writing and recording process of the album?

I guess we’re all forever learning new things through this experience, as far as isolating something in particular; I’m not sure. I think we know who we are, the trick is finding new and creative ways to demonstrate it.

With festival season underway what bands would you recommend people should see live or listen to?

Enter Shikari, Crossfaith, Skindred, Hacktivist, Seething Akira.

Since the release of your single ‘Run You’ how have opportunities for the band changed?

‘Run You’ has been a faithful friend to us, and has seen us occupy the Kerrang! top 20 list for more time than any other track so far this year, so that has been great. We’ve also been taken back by the amount of people around the world singing the lyrics back to us, it’s a wonderful feeling 🙂 I think overall the track has reached a lot of people so that will see us touring some new places.

Is there a piece of advice you could offer to people who may feel discouraged when it comes to starting a band or working in the industry?

The music industry – like any other industry – is hard, you’ll have days when you want to give up like in any other job; make sure your heart is in what you do. Be original, no matter what. Work harder than the people around you. Always play your music to as many people as possible, even if YOU doubt it; one person’s rubbish is another person’s gold. Do what feels right to you, don’t follow the crowd because it’s harder to stand out in a crowd.

Growing up, do you feel the music you listened to has influenced your music?

For sure. We are all products of our environment. I think every experience in life, from music to interactions, it all helps shape and influence the person you become, and by extension the thoughts you have and the music you create.

As it has been around six years since the release of your album ‘Spirit In The System’. How important was time in order to think of what was next for the band’s future releases?

We’ve been redefining our sound, exploring the halls of creativity and generally evolving musically. In that time we’ve also started a relationship with 7pm management. We’ve seen label changes which have included teaming up with the wonderful US based FiXt Music, and Olly has joined the family; completing the Q! We created untold amounts of ideas through the creative journey towards an album and ultimately we took our time and came out the right way. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the album. You won’t be waiting anywhere near as long for our next album, that we can promise you.

Nice to talk with you, thanks for taking the time to ask us some questions. We look forward to seeing you all soon 🙂


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Interview by Sarah Akomanyi.