13495458_925118690932691_1110865160520128218_oPreviously mentioned, while working with Max Helyer and Romesh Dodangoda on the EP ‘Human’, they showed new perspectives on your songs and inspired you to become better songwriters. How has this helped in terms of the live performances of these songs?

We’re really proud of our songs that we wrote with Max and so we try and perform them with as much passion and energy as we can. If you believe in your songs it usually comes across live and the crowd get more involved in your show. You can tell that when you watch bands like You Me At Six. After spending all that time in the studio we learnt a lot about gear and so we spent a lot of time and money improving our sound for live shows. So hopefully emptying my bank account for a tasty guitar tone was worth it!

As there was a name change for the band, how important is change and development, not only for being musicians, but for life in general?

I think it’s really important. As a band you don’t want to be stuck doing the same style forever. It works for some bands to stick with their thing and that’s fine but we want to push ourselves to the next step musically. Change keeps things fresh and the risk is exciting. You just have to keep an open mind and block out the haters. It was a massive decision for us to re-brand and start again but I think its all been worth it. I love the new sound we’re going with and people seem to be enjoying it so I think it was the right direction to take. As for change in life it just depends on your situation I guess. It’s good to move forward away from the past, and sometimes a fresh start can set you on the right path. However there’s the age old saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

In terms of inspiration for music, this ranges from artists including Bring Me the Horizon, through to Alanis Morissette. Other than musicians, what other media form has influenced a music video or lyrics?

We watch a lot of documentaries and series so I guess a lot of inspiration comes from that. There’s also a lot of crazy stuff and sadness going on in the world at the moment, so that definitely influences the lyrics.

Tigress are set to perform at Macmillan Festival in September. What are you looking forward to about being a part of this festival?

We’re playing an acoustic set at Macmillan Fest so I’m excited to give our songs a different spin. Our singer Katy has a pretty successful YouTube channel with loads of covers she’s done on there so I’m sure we’ll end up playing one of those on the night. The festival has a great vibe so I’m looking forward to meeting new people and discovering new bands.

In comparison to other shows and festivals that you have played, how do you think this will differ as an experience?

I guess we’ll be concentrating harder as we’ll be more exposed playing an acoustic set. You can’t hide behind an overly loud drum kit smashing cymbals constantly during an acoustic set, that would sound nasty haha! So we’ll have to behave ourselves until our sets finished. You can be sober and have a good time you know!

With festival season underway, what bands would you recommend people to see live or listen to?

There are too many! My favourite band I’ve seen live at a festival has been Muse, they were amazing! Others that are about the festival circuit this year I’d recommend checking out would be Biffy Clyro,  Deaf Havana and Nothing But Thieves.

What are your top 3 tips for surviving a festival?

Wellies, plenty of Water to go with all that beer and earplugs! 3 tips is not enough, I could write at least 10 more haha.

Before forming the band, was there advice given to you that has stuck with you till now?

Just to never give up and keep going. Often the next opportunity is just round the corner, you just have to be patient. I think we’d all regret it if we packed it in and knew we didn’t give it our best shot.

With the two singles, ‘Future’ and ‘Alive’ released back in 2015, what can we expect from the album overall?

We’re taking a slightly different direction with the newer songs. We released a lyric video for ‘Power Lines’ recently and that’s got a much more ballsy rockier sound to anything we’ve ever released previously. There’s a bit of a Queens Of The Stone Age meets Muse vibe going on. We recorded with Peter Miles this time and he’s got loads of amazing vintage gear down at his studio and so everything sounds a lot more real. He doesn’t cut any corners and it’s been the first time working with someone where they have really understood what sound you’re going for and managed to achieve it.  We used real string players too, which was insane!

What has been something you have been proud of so far being a band?

Getting two of our singles played on Radio 1. That’s been a goal for us for years and it finally came true recently!

What were your initial goals when the band first got together?

To write good songs and tour the world! …And to headline Wembley of course haha.

What musicians do you feel you can relate to currently?

I’m not sure really, any bands that are fairly D.I.Y and aren’t handed everything on a plate.

What are your 3 top tips to get you through a challenging yet rewarding industry of music?

Don’t be a dick. That’s a pretty standard one haha. Don’t listen to the haters, they suck and have nothing better to do. Finally I’d say you need to stay strong willed. Things don’t always work out as planned, people will promise you things and let you down. We’ve had our fair share of bad stuff happen to us, but you learn from your mistakes and it usually gets better from there!


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Interview by Sarah Akomanyi.