Music Review: The Cape Race – ‘Home, Truths’


Having lived in Manchester for a long while now, I have seen The Cape Race perform with a variety of upcoming and well known bands such as Blitz Kids, Futures and Francesqa. They have been a local band who I have always enjoyed seeing live and the release of their long awaited debut was something which I have been looking forward to. The 14 track triumph is something that these five lads should be proud of. Each song is a complete masterpiece that leaves you with them spinning round your head for days.

The opener for the album, ‘Digging For Gold’, is filled with emotion and an atmosphere which leaves you wanting more. David Maloney’s vocals stand out within the first few opening lines. They make the hairs on my arm stand on edge; it’s completely unique and refreshing to hear. The fourth track on the album, ‘Collapsing’ is a track which was written to dance to. It has a joyful melody and is a breath of fresh air compared to all of the modern rock music. The track proves to be not just a pop punk song, but a song which is filled with spirit, substance and strength.

‘The Repreive’,  ‘Barcelona’, ‘Little Whites’, ‘Bets’, ‘Now, Voyager’ and ‘They’re Young, They’re In Love’ are all songs which have all been heard before on the mini-album ‘Now, Voyager’. And if you haven’t heard the previous released, you’re surely missing out!

‘Home, Truths’ has the potential to be the beginning of something extraordinary. It will hopefully put them in the spotlight for the recognition that they truly deserve. Indie-pop-rock at it’s finest.

STAND-OUT TRACKS: ‘The 77’, ‘Collapsing’, ‘Home Truths’ and ‘They’re Young, They’re In Love’

FOR FANS OF: Hey Vanity, Canterbury and The Super Happy Fun Club.

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Written by Nikki Limbrick.