ARMAGEDDON FESTIVAL 2014 – Full Line-Up – 2nd Announcement !!!

This years line-up includes… Malefice, Fathoms, Laguna Sunrise, Sworn Amongst, Terraform, Incinery, Archetype, Cruel Humanity, Clouds In Contrast, Taken By The Tide, Path To Prevail, We Are Tyrants, Famous For Nothing, Pandemik, Metasoma, Bison, Borders, Take Her To Athena, Treasure The Moment, A Dying Pride, Buried By Atlantis & Hymn For The Fallen.


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Have a listen to the bands at the links below:

Fathoms –

Terraform –

Archetype –

Clouds in Contrast –

Path To Prevail (Debut show) –

Famous For Nothing –

Borders –

Metasoma –

Bison –

Treasure The Moment –

Buried By Atlantis –

Malefice –

Sworn Amongst –

Incinery –

Cruel Humanity –

Taken By The Tide –

We Are Tyrants –

Pandemik –

Take Her To Athena –

A Dying Pride –

Hymn For The Fallen –