LIVE: The Beards @ The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

The long-awaited ‘Euro-Bout To Grow A Beard Tour’ brings The Beards party to it’s sold out date in Manchester, something that definitely doesn’t leave me disappointed. With there being only one support on the night, the excitement for this show filled the room at full speed!

beards workshop

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Trojan Horse, a band from Salford, Manchester, opened for The Beards. Describing their music as ‘weird rock’, they couldn’t be more accurate, as ‘the best things are often made in the absence of any definition of sense’. Experimenting with different rhythms and instruments, they put on a performance which was new, fresh and exciting. Starting their set with the song ‘Fire’, they captured the audiences’ attention. Though not all of the audience were captivated by the uniqueness of this band, they still managed to fascinate the most part. With the release of their latest single ‘Paper Bells’, they are definitely set out for a great year in 2014.

Trojan Horse – Paper Bells

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Starting out as a gimmick for a one-off show in 2005, The Beards (Adelaide, Australia) didn’t realise that there are so many fellow beard lovers in the world. The quartet now onto writing material for their fourth studio album, having relentlessly toured the USA, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and as well as obtaining a cult following, The Beards have grown to be a band which you can’t help but fall in love with. Each with their own pseudonym, Johann Beardraven (vocalist), Nathaniel Beard (bassist), Facey McStubblington (guitarist) and John Beardman Junior (drummer) are loved by bearded men (and women) alike.

The beards

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The lights dimmed for the second time of the evening and the chanting started. ‘Beards! Beards! Beards!’ was all that could be heard throughout the Ruby Lounge. Eagerly awaiting for The Beards to take to the stage, not even one person stopped to take a sip of their drink. Opening with ‘I Like Beards’ and playing crowd favourites from their 2010 album ‘Beards, Beards, Beards’ and their latest album ‘Having A Beard Is The New Not Having A Beard’ and new material from their unreleased fourth studio album. Entertaining the audience with songs such as ‘No Beard, No Good’, ‘Shaved Off His Beard’ and ‘Got Me A Beard’, The Beards are no doubt something special.

Throughout the evening, the vocalist, Johann Beardraven would stop the show so that they could get members of the audience on stage. This was so that two awards could be given out. One for ‘The Best Beard in the Room’ and one for ‘The Worst Beard in the Room’. Everything about this band screams ‘fun’. With the piano melodies, saxophone solos and the use of a keytar, the uproar of disappoint every single time a beardless man is mentioned/on stage, crowd sing-a-longs and the ultimate amount of beard love, you can’t help but want a beard by the end of the night….even if you’re a woman! Johann Beardraven, the vocalist asked ‘what have you done since we last saw you Manchester?’ and without a moments delay the whole crowd yelled ‘growing beards!’

The Beards –  You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man

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The setlist for the night was as follows;

1. I Like Beards
2. No Beard, No Good
3. This Beard Stays
4. Born With A Beard
5. Got Me A Beard
6. The Beard Accessory Store
7. Why Having A Beard Is Better Than Having A Woman
8. Shaved Off His Beard
9. If Your Dad Doesn’t Have A Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums
10. There’s Just Nothing Better Than A Beard
11. There’s A Bearded Man Inside Of Me
12. You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man


Review by Nikki Limbrick