Tell us a little about yourselves? How did the band start?

We started as a bedroom band, basically just me, a bassist and guitar

How long ago was that?

About two and a half years ago.

Has the band’s line up ever changed?

Yeah we’ve gone through drummers.

So are you all set now then?

A lot more comfortable, now we have a good drummer

Were you a bedroom band for long?

Yeah for about six months when we had our drummer, Nathan but things didn’t pan out with him. We had a lot of temporary drummers for a long time, training people up quickly, then taking them on a tour, get back, then have to find someone else for the next time. It was a horrible process. Basically, we wanted to press on and get as many shows done as we could but Nathan couldn’t commit to the band full time, so we basically needed a member to take on as many shows as possible, concentrate on the music and try to take off.

Have you released anything recently?

We released an EP quite a while ago, at the beginning we were very unsure of how we wanted the band to sound. We have written and finished a 7 track EP and it’s literally just about to be released. The first single is called ‘Snake Oil’, which was released in December and now we’re just gearing up tracks from that.

Is there a music video for ‘Snake Oil’?

Yeah we have, it’s on YouTube at the moment. It’s reached about 15,000 hits collectively.It’s been released with Hardcore Worldwide and Punktastic too!

Is there anything special about it?

It’s shot from 4 or 5 EU and UK tours, just show after show, getting all the best parts, partying and shit. Loads of live footage, that’s what the songs about, all about touring being on the road.

Do you have any good stories from tour, any surprising moments?

A load of strippers in Frankfurt, they were coaxing people on stage and being drunk, I was like “Fuck it, I will go on”, they all pinned me down and started whipping me with fucking belts, that was a good night.

How did all that start then?

Well, Ali thinks it started like that. There were two bands, so we all chipped in 5 euros each for these strippers to do shit to him, he didn’t even know.

Would you class that as a positive or a negative experience?

A negative one, they were all horrible. Terrifying dude, honestly.

Well it was positive for us, the best part of it was when he first got up on the stage, being right cocky on the pole, giving it some until they started attacking him. He looked like he was going to cry. Yeah, they had no teeth either, they all looked like crack heads.

So the video consists of footage from all the different tours and shows that you’ve done to date, who have you shared stages with, Tesseract?

No, no. That was a different story, heavy evening listening to Tesseract in Amsterdam. I was just throwing up big time out the side of the van, sick all over it. Now, every time we put Tesseract on, its a reminder of that time. Their guitarist actually mixed and mastered our EP. It would be quite cool to meet them finally in person, we’d definitely have an interesting story to tell them.


How did you get in contact with Tesseract?

Literally contacted them on Facebook, it can be your best friend when you’re in a band.

So you’re all a big fan of social networking then?

Networking is key for a band to get gigs.

Will you be releasing any of your new material as free downloads?

Yeah, when the EP comes out it will be completely free. A manager’s or record company’s worst nightmare. We want everybody to have it rather than a few people. We don’t want people to have the ballache of having to torrent it when we could just give it out for free. It’s just super easy for everybody, maximises listening. We have a few more videos in the pipeline as well when the EP comes out.

You’re giving all of this out for free, but how do you fund the band?

We work our asses off, put a lot of money in.

So, do you have any gigs or festivals?

Yeah we’re about to go on a 50 day European tour, starts on the 6th March, just us. It’s not like headlining, just play a few different shows. Managed to put it all together where we end up going everywhere. Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Prague. It’s like six and a half weeks over there.

A R C H E T Y P E began as a bedroom band. I’ve heard of bands actually doing bedroom tours. Would you guys ever think of going back to your roots and organising a bedroom tour?

We would never turn down a house show. We prefer the experience and atmosphere of it, size of the crowds and stuff.


How was your live set at Armageddon Festival tonight?

We enjoyed it, a bit stressful. I just got back from Amsterdam, came straight from Stansted to here, only just made it. Got out the van and played.

Do you prefer small venues like The Hairy Dog?

The atmosphere is good as long as plenty of people are there. We played in Leeds a couple of weeks ago, probably about 30 people, wasn’t the biggest crowd ever but absolutely everybody was involved, going mental and that was probably one of the best shows, just because everybody was getting involved.

Do you do a lot to pump up your crowd?

Yeah we try to make it an energetic show as much as possible. 30 days into a tour though you start feeling it.

Anything else you want to add?

We have recently signed to The Alexia Agency, which is really good news for us, being managed by Graham Clunes, which is really really cool, started today so we’re super fresh.

Are they organising your EU Tour?

No, everything up until now has been DIY basically, but now we have some new opportunities, bigger reach.

So you guys are in it for the long term?

Yeah that would be amazing but I don’t think we would ever be financially stable from just the band. Not sure on earning a living from it, but you never know.

Would you give up your jobs if your band became really successful?

Yeah in an instance. I know it’s a bit cliche but you only live once. We feel like when we’re 50-60 years old, look back at this time and know we turned down things we should of done we would regret it, so we think we should just go for it.

So you’re great risk takers then?

yeah, big time. All about the risk.


Interview by Beverly Manz & Sandra Kaczmarek.

Written up by Daniel Vaughan.


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