INTERVIEW: Ashestoangels – Takedown Festival 2014


How’ve you been enjoying yourselves today so far?

Yeah, it’s been good.

Have you had the chance to checkout any bands?

Yeah, I saw The Howling, Ugly Love & The Smoking Hearts. They were good.

Who is it that you’re most excited to see today?

Funeral For A Friend because they were part of my childhood. Yeah I’ve seen them in tiny venues and in stadiums and festivals and stuff and they were next to us in the recording studio. I stalk them apparently (laughs), not on purpose.

What’s your favourite aspects of being in a band?

Touring, playing shows, getting sweaty.

Do you prefer shows or festivals?

No one ever has us for anything, normally its just us doing DIY tours for us and taking other bands with us, we are always the bridesmaids! (laughs).

What can people look forward to from you over the rest of the year?

We just recorded a new album and that’s going to come out this year hopefully. Last time it took us over a year to get it out as it was really expensive. This year we did it with Indiegogo. So we can actually afford to release it, which is nice.

Have you got any release dates set in stone?

We’ve finished recording it. We’ve got day 2 out of 4 mixing, tomorrow and then it goes to get mastered. We’re hoping to get the single out in May and we’ve got a secret tour in August, so we’re hoping the album will be out by then.

That must be exciting, does it make you nervous?

I’m always a little bit concerned that we’re gonna put something out and all of these people that seem to like us are going to be like “Urm… actually no”. I mean I really like it, I listen to it obsessively all the time. I mean we have a mix of it so far and it’s way better than the last one so if people don’t like then it says more about them than us.

Oh god, the drums on our last record were an abomination. They weren’t really drums. Oh and we’re going to have them on stage tonight actually! They cost about £100, ten years ago. The secret to our live drums is our sound guy is a genius.

Do you have any festivals or venues you want to play?

We’d like to play Reading Festival. I don’t know why, I stopped going years ago and stopped enjoying it years before that. My first Reading Festival was when I was like 13 and I went obsessively for the next decade, so always wanted to play there.

Vans Warped Tour, apparently there’s this thing where the roadie and crew tell local bands that if there’s some time they’ll get them on, in exchange for them doing all the hard work for the roadies. So you have these poor bands in every town moving all the shit around, doing all the work for them and there’s never 20 minutes spare, because that’s not how things work.

They do it in these car parks of these giant stadiums so the sun’s beaming down and acts as a giant radiator and apparently it’s like the hottest and worst thing ever. I’m thinking I must go, but yeah, I hate the sun. That probably be the tour that would be like “Man its so hot!”, no make up, beards growing. I’m gonna use this beard to shield me from the suns rays.


But because it’s in so many different states, I’ve heard the weather goes from one extreme to another.

Yeah, you wouldn’t be able to do the driving either.

Do you guys do a lot yourselves most of the time?

Well, I do. These guys just get in the van. They just tune and play their instruments. Nah, that actually undersells their role. Everyone does stuff, I just do all the boring shit. Every band has one guy that does most of the stuff, that’s me.

Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

We fucking love you! Thank you for coming to our shows.

Interview by Natasha Bird.


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20th June, 2014 – Sound Circus, Birmingham (UK)

28th June, 2014 – The Fleece, Bristol (UK)

4th July, 2014 – B2, Norwich (UK)

5th July, 2014 – Hillview Community Centre, Cheltenham (UK)

13th August, 2014 – Korova Club, Liverpool (UK)

14th August, 2014 – The Joiners, Southampton (UK)

16th August, 2014 – The Borderline, London (UK)

17th August, 2014 – White Rabbit, Plymouth (UK)

18th August, 2014 – Sin City, Swansea (UK)

19th August, 2014 – Satans Hollow, Manchester (UK)

20th August, 2014 – The Cockpit, Leeds (UK)

21st August, 2014 – Non-Zero’s, Dundee (UK)

22nd August, 2014 – Think Tank?, Newcastle (UK)

23rd August, 2014 – The Garage, Glasgow (UK)

26th August, 2014 – Roadhouse, Birmingham (UK)

27th August, 2014 – Corporation, Sheffield (UK)

28th August, 2014 – The Fleece, Bristol (UK)