INTERVIEW: Baby Godzilla – Redfest 2014


You guys are from Nottingham. What’s the best and worst thing about living there?

Tom: Best thing is you can leave anytime you like! And the worst thing is we have to go back there.

Jonny: The worst thing is it takes 6 hours to do 3 hour drives from Nottingham, apparently. Got stuck on the M25 today.

Did you arrive late today?

Tom: Yeah, very late! It was a 3 hour journey that took us just over 6 hours.

Jonny: We turned up 15 minutes after our set time.

Tom: Literally I stopped playing about 10 minutes ago. I’m very knackered!

I’m sorry to rush you guys over here to do this interview.

Jonny: It’s alright, we’re sorry for being late.

Tom: Things have to be done and we’re men.

How did the band originally form?

Tom: Kind of by wanting a change of current bands, I was in a band and Matt (singer) was in a band, one of the guitarists and Paul, he was in a band as well and we were all just a bit bored of what bands we had at the minute, so we did a secret jam and we liked it and then we formed a band and now here we are today, 5 years later.

Jonny: I joined at some point as well.

Tom: Jonny was in a band and wanted something different. Our band is basically a bit of a heaven, kind of, if you want something different you just go there (laughs) that’s bollocks!


photo credit: Snap Rock and Pop

How would you describe your music in 3 words?

Tom: Shit. Loud!

You know, the first time my friend saw you guys live, he thought you didn’t have any songs?

Tom: We don’t.

But didn’t you just release a single?

Jonny: It’s amazing what you can get away with saying is a single these days.

Tom: Yeah, no, we have songs, yes. That we roughly stick by, think of them as treasure maps that we kind of try and follow every gig, each individual one has a trail from the start to the end and we’ve gotta get to the end somehow and we kind of do and your friend probably saw us when we fell down a pit into some spikes.

Jonny: True!

If your band had a motto, what would it be?

Tom: No pussy, all glory.

Baby Godzilla have recently really gained a hype and are being mentioned everywhere. How’s it feel?

Tom: No different to what it felt like about two years ago.

Jonny: Literally, it’s just the same.

So you’re not bothered about it?

Tom: No, we are very bothered but you have to kind of just… it’s just nice. It’s very nice. It’s nice to meet and have a good time with loads of different people and we are at the minute, we keep meeting more and more people and it’s just great, great fun.

Jonny: What you see, is the outside perception of our band. It’s very very different to what’s actually going on, in that you see things in magazines that make it look kinda cool when you’re sitting on your rotting sofa in your living room, when you get home from work and you go, “Ah, that’s cool!” put it down and go “It’s not real though”.

Tom: Yeah, there’s been some nice people talking about us. I guess we’ve never really had a “hype” around our band before so we’re kind of like trying to go with the flow.

If you had the last car on earth, with a full tank of petrol, where would you drive?

Jonny: Well, if it was the last car on earth, then surely there would have been some major incident.

Tom: I’d be more interested in the incident, than the car, would there really be much point going anywhere? I mean what’s happened? To be honest, saying that, if we had the last car on earth, we would be quite privileged. It’d be worth a lot of money.

Jonny: I’d probably start a car rental company.

But there’s only one full tank, what do you do when the petrol runs out?

Tom: There’s one full tank and no cars on the road? So no more petrol at all? If there’s no more cars, no more petrol and one car, then we’ve probably got hover cars and they’d be a lot better, so I’d probably just bin it. I’d probably just siphon the petrol out and just set fire to my hands.

The question was more about if there’s a specific place you really like being.

Tom: On stage!

Jonny: I’d cut the car in half, turn the bottom half onto ontop of the top half and make it into a stage with wheels on it.

Tom: Then we’d attract a crowd by pretending to sell the last petrol tank that’s left, wouldn’t sell them it, play some songs and then throw petrol on everyone and set them on fire. That’s your answer!

Jonny: Is that also by default the last gig on earth? Have you thought about this?

I guess it could be. So, what would you say your craziest show so far has been?

Jonny: It depends what you characterize ‘crazy’ as. Turning up 20 minutes late, playing for 15 minutes and then running off…

Tom: …and then doing an interview is pretty crazy I guess to some people, so I dunno, today?

Jonny: Everyday is as crazy as the next!

I saw your set at 2000trees where you moved the bin into the moshpit.

Tom: Who moved the bin? Did you move the bin?

Jonny: Yeah.

Tom: Oh right, I thought it was just dragged in.


photo credit: Snap Rock and Pop

What was that about? And then you told people to get into it.

Jonny: Well once it was there it seemed a logical thing to do.

I saw someone even crowdsurf ontop of the people in the bin!

Jonny: That was cool!

Do you think if you had a bigger budget you would do something even more crazy?

Tom: We don’t have a budget.

Not in reality.

Jonny: What? So if we had a budget at all? For life? (laughs).

Tom: If I had a budget for life I’d fucking quit this band (laughs).

Do you guys still have day jobs?

Tom: Yeah, I work at a McDonalds.

Jonny: I work in a pub.

Tom: Matt also works in a pub and Paul Shelley the bass player he works in a Co-op. It’s the other side of rock n roll, yeah, we all work jobs.

(At this point in the interview both Tom and Jonny get distracted by a dog which came over and interrupted the interview and the guys end up interviewing Jimmy the dog and ask him what he thinks of the festival)

So would you like this to become full-time?

Tom: Do you think people are going to pay us to do this? We’ve already established we don’t have any songs. It would be absolutely wonderful to quit, if it doesn’t happen we’re still gonna play gigs and work at McDonalds.

You released your latest single through Ambush Reality (Enter Shikari’s independent record label). How did that come about?

Tom: Urm, we made friends with Enter Shikari. We went on tour with them for a while last year and we became just nice friends with them and all of their team are great and we just got along really really really really well and it just fell into place really.

You’re the first band they’ve signed to their label. What’s that like?

Tom: Yeah, it’s insane! If you think about it like that.

Jonny: They were in a position where they could help out other bands and put out music they like, cause obviously it’s difficult running your own label. Their label is stable enough now to do more stuff. I think we were just there at the right place, right time.

Just luck?

Tom: It’s all luck, everything’s luck.

The music video for the single ‘The Great Hardcore Swindle’. Could you explain it? How did you come up with the idea?

Tom: Everytime we end up having a music video everybody has a few ideas and we talk to our friend Dave Lankaster, who filmed all of them and we all kind of sit round in a big circle in a pub and go “I’ve got this idea”, “I’ve got this idea”, “I’ve got this idea” and then we all accumulate an idea and we go “Cool let’s go with that one” and that always happens and it’s always a massive rocky road to the end of finishing the video, but as soon as it finishes everyone is really happy.

Jonny: It usually ends up fairly dissimilar to the ideas we came up with in the first place. It evolves into something strange.

Tom: But yeah we just came up with the idea and just went for it. We just wanted to do something a bit different and we hopefully made it different.

So, why is your name Baby Godzilla? Because after watching you guys play live, there’s not much you can compare to a baby, maybe the Godzilla bit is slightly relevant.

Tom: Absolutely no idea! I dunno.

Jonny: There’s a magic behind it that you’ll never be able to find out.

Tom: Genuinely, what do you think?

Genuinely, I haven’t really thought about it too much.

Tom: Think of a scenario of how you think the name came around.

Urm… maybe you dressed up a baby as Godzilla and you thought it was really funny?

Tom: There you go! That was it. Matt dressed up as a baby and started roaring and was like that’s like a baby Godzilla and then we decided to call the band ‘Baby Godzilla’ cause Matt was properly going for it as a little baby Godzilla. We’ve still got the costume in the practice room.

Are you looking forward to seeing any bands this weekend?

Jonny: Polar!

Tom: They’re on now, I’m sure they were great.

Jonny: We were looking forward to seeing quite a few bands before we played but we didn’t see any.

Tom: The Catharsis played before us they’re a great band, everyone should listen to them and Polar and Skindred, who are here!

Are you guys staying for the entire weekend?

Jonny: We have to go home tonight cause we’re playing in Sheffield. I’ve got work as well.

Tom: Jonny has to go to work, Matt has to go to work, then we go to play a gig and then we go back to work. Work and gig and work and gig. I think that’s the name of the album.

Jonny: Work, Gig, Work, Gig, Die.

Tom: We’re recording an album!

Jonny: We are recording an album and we’ve almost finished it.


Yeah, I heard about that. How’s the recording process going?

Jonny: It’s alright, it’s nearly done.

Sick of any of the songs?

Jonny: All of them!

Tom: They’re not songs, they’re journeys. Remember, they’re treasure maps!

Where are you recording and with who?

Tom: We’re recording with Matt Peel in Leeds. He’s a really good guy and Leeds is a nice place.

Jonny: He’s a platinum record producer!

Who did he work with?

Tom: He did one of The Pigeon Detectives albums.

Oh, really? That’s random I actually used to like that band.

Tom: Used to? What happened?

Are they still around? I just got into rock music instead of indie.

Tom: Yeah! I just got into “better” music (laughs)

Last question, a bit random. Did you watch the world cup?

Jonny: Yeah I did.

Tom: Yeah, I watched bits. Jonny watched more than me.

Who were you routing for?

Jonny: Urm… football!

So you don’t have an opinion on Germany winning?

Jonny: Football won!

Well, thanks for your time!

Jonny: Thank you for your time.

Tom: Sorry that that was complete dribble.

Interview by Kaori Manz.


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