INTERVIEW: Blitz Kids – Slam Dunk Festival 2014

The sun was shining in Hatfield for Slam Dunk Festival last Sunday, where Jono from Blitz Kids took some time out of his day to talk to us about which bands he was looking forward to seeing at the festival, how it felt to be nominated for Best British Newcomer at the Kerrang! Awards and what music he listens to in his spare time, when he’s not on stage performing.

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We’re here at Slam Dunk Festival with Jono from Blitz Kids. Are you enjoying it so far?

I am loving it!

How did your set go?

It was the best set I’ve played in my entire life, so yeah, it was alright.

Have you seen any other bands yet?

No, I’ve been doing press. I’ve been stuck in this shithole (laughs). I haven’t seen any other bands yet. I’m looking forward to seeing Rob Lynch, my friend. Looking forward to seeing Kids In Glass Houses later on and Letlive, so yeah, there’s a lot of good bands on the cards.

I’ve heard Rob Lynch gets his crowd to create human pyramids. Are you going to get involved in that?

Absolutely! I’ll be the pinnacle of the pyramid. The peak!

So where’s the band actually from?

I’m from Nantwich, which is next to Crewe, which in turn is next to Manchester. You’ve probably been through it if you’ve taken a train anywhere.



What’s the best thing about living in Nantwich?

The best thing about living in Nantwich is the pubs, they’re all amazing and I know everyone in there. The worst thing about living there, is that I spend a lot of my time in London and it’s like a two hour train away, but there’s a new one being built at the moment, which is going to be an hour, so that’s alright.

Is there a local music scene up there? and if so, what’s it like?

Well, we came from it, so I guess it can’t be shit. There’s a lot of good bands there, people always like, raise the bar and stuff and it’s really good to see people coming from Crewe and trying to do their own thing. It is hard in Crewe, we know that better than anyone. We came into the scene and we didn’t know anyone. We kinda had to meet people and go through people to get tours. But we did that and hopefully other bands from Crewe can do the same. It’s a hive for creativity, I think.

So when you’re not on stage performing, what music do you listen to yourself?

I’ve recently been listening to nothing except from DrakeDeaf Havana is my favourite band of all time and we’re going on tour with them in October which is a dream come true! The People The Poet are an incredible band. Fort Hope are fucking killing it right now. They’re all UK bands I listen to, the UK is smashing it right now.

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You guys have been nominated for Best British Newcomer at the Kerrang! Awards. How do you feel about that?

Well it’s justice innit? If we don’t win it, it’s a fucking outrage (laughs). Nahhh, I think Neck Deep should win it really, we’ve been going for years, they’ve been going for two, they’re a genuine newcomer and they are so good! But if we do win it, I know our fans have been voting and stuff and if we do win it, that would be great. If we don’t then it’s just a night of free booze that we’re invited to that I’ll enjoy thoroughly, myself.


You’ve released your latest album ‘The Good Youth’ back in January, earlier this year. Where did you record it?

We recorded it in LA and it was brilliant. The sun was shining and we had a really really good time doing it.

How’s the reception been so far?

More than we thought we’d ever get, so, very humbling. We’ve got a lot of fans now from it and you know, we don’t take any of this shit for granted. We’ve come from fuck all, so to see that it’s growing on a really organic level is really nice.

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I was talking to Daniel Winter Bates from Bury Tomorrow earlier and he might or might not have said that you were in a porn film. Are the rumours true?

Fuck off was I in a porn film (laughs). Absolute bollocks! He’s a knobhead. I love him to bits, but absolutely not (laughs).

Alright, just a bit of banter between the two of you then. Last question, what else have Blitz Kids got planned for the rest of the year?

We’re going on tour in Europe in July. We’re doing a headline tour in October in the UK with Verses, who are an incredible UK band and another band which we can’t announce yet. Then we go back to Europe with Deaf Havana and I genuinely could not be more excited and it’s festival season and all that.

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Of course. Any specific festivals you guys will be at?

Every fucking festival you could name! Y Not Festival, Butserfest, NASS, Sonisphere, fucking everywhere man.

Off the top of your head, what’s the best festival experience you’ve ever had?

Slam Dunk! SD is always the best man, yeah.

Leeds or Hatfield?

I’m a northerner so I love Leeds, but Hatfield always fucking kills it as well.

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Interview by Kaori Manz.


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