INTERVIEW: Buried By Atlantis


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What influenced you guys to start a band?

Me and Ash were in a band, Enter Shikari, Bury Tomorrow. When we got new members, Chris, Steph and Dan are into Parkway Drive and Emmure, made us heavier, our writing changed a lot. I’m into Woe Is Me and my screaming is like Woe Is Me, but my singing is like Justin Timberlake. I’m really into JT.

Apart from JT, what other mainstream acts do you listen to?

I like Kesha, everyone hates her but I like her. I like dance music sometimes.

I like Take That.

I quite like Adele.

What are your ambitions as a band?

Well, before we got new members we were just making music that already existed and that’s what I don’t want to do, so me and Ash just got together and made some tough decisions, cause if you’re in a band and not happy you shouldn’t be doing it. So we got new members and now we just create stuff that we feel is needed. I feel vocally and instrumentally these guys are two of the best guitarists. Ash has only been playing for a few years and he is playing like a pro, I’ve never seen someone pick it up and play so well with drums. So, now we just do what makes us happy and by default it seems to have got us a bit of a fan base, so we make songs for ourself really. It’s a hobby not a career, we haven’t thought about that before but we probably should (laughs).

So there are no more arguments now?

No, it’s weird how well we all gel together, our influences are very similar. It is hard to find five people who are into the same music and wanna create the same music. Usually people are into the same music but they all want to create something different.

What’s the most embarrassing thing about Ash?

He can’t count to four! (laughs)

Do you guys have day jobs or study at university?

Me and Steph are at uni. I do film and television studies.

I’m looking to become a nurse, so this is just a hobby. I just enjoy playing gigs and writing music, it’s all about seeing where it goes. I like it as a hobby because it’s a bit of a switch off.

Yeah it comes back to what we said earlier, at the minute it’s just a hobby, we don’t do it for anyone we do it for ourselves and if it kicks off then fair play, but at the moment it’s just an added thing that makes us all happy.

If I could quit my job and just do this, I would.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2014?

The plan is for us to do a mini tour with Clouds In Contrast, 4 dates in Wales. It’s been in talks for a while now, it’s just about getting the time off work and that. Trying to get 3 bands that are off for the same time for a week, it’s like, dream on.

Interview by Beverly Manz & Sandra Kaczmarek.

Typed up by Daniel Vaughan.


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