INTERVIEW: Call It Off – Groezrock 2017

We caught up with Call It Off to speak about taking over the world with the help of sony music at Groezrock festival.

How are you enjoying Groezrock so far?

I’ve been going since 2005 and it’s great every year and it’s an honour to be playing here ourselves today and I’m so happy that the weather is so great! It’s amazing and that’s nice cause we weren’t playing in a tent so it was brilliant.

Are you looking forward to seeing anyone today?

Yeah, we wanted to see our friends in No Turning Back but they started at the same time we started so that was shitty but H2O maybe, Pennywise, Uninclineable, Nothington and of course Parkway Drive! We saw them two weeks ago at Graspop and their main show is ridiculous.

How do things differ over here in Belgium in comparison to the UK?

The amount of bands, the scene in the Netherlands is very small if there is any scene at all. We’re such a small country that most people just listen to popular music, so because of that it’s really hard for any alternative band to get anywhere.

So we’re sort of pop punk so we’re still radio friendly enough to tap into that popular music audience but it’s great that we get picked up by a festival like Groezrock it’s primarily loud music, we’re one of the most poppy bands here and it’s great!

There are a shit load of bands in the UK. When I lived in Manchester one guy played in four bands, so Manchester’s punk festival there are so many bands with the same dudes which is awesome, but there’s a lot and I think it’s really hard to get into the UK scene as a foreign band from mainland Europe.

But as soon as you’re a band from the US and go to UK you’re golden as well, from UK to mainland Europe, you’re golden as well, if you’re any good. I mean every band in the world if they’re touring Europe they will tour the UK. In the UK you can go to a different show everyday, you have so many options to go to shows so if you go as a small Dutch band to the UK people will think “Okay, I can go to see Rancid today or this foreign band that we don’t know”… I would pick Rancid!

What are your ambitions for the future?

The UK is more underground but we chose to be more popular because of the way the Netherlands works, so I’m not sure if that’s going to work against us in the UK cause it’s sort of the other way around. So what I’d love to do is go there and do those underground tours and just convince people of our band cause I think that maybe the way our record sounds, is not really what the scene wants to hear but the live show we pull off is definitely worth it. It’s always good to hop on with other bands as well, like Boston Manor or a band that is big in the UK.

What bands would you like to tour with?

I really wanna play with Gnarwolves, those guys are insane! Isn’t Neck Deep from the UK? If we could like, fuck yeah! but I don’t think they’re gonna respond to our email.

What other genres are you into?

We’re into so many artists and bands and not only in the pop punk genre. These guys love Elvis Costello, he’s one of the big favourites. I listen to a lot of straight forward pop like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Echosmith, Bryan Adams and a lot of hip hop. We get inspired by everything, even Michael Bublé. We should tour with The Police.

Beause it’s so difficult to get your name out there, is there anyone you’d recommend who we haven’t heard of?

We love Screw Houston they’re a great band, No Jamie is a fun band, these are all Dutch bands. Itchy, they’re selling out stadiums, they’re crazy big in Germany but outside Germany no one knows them.

Do they sing in German?

Sometimes and it kind of sounds a little bit German but in a good way.

What’s your master plan to take over the world?

Well we got hold of some uranium and ur.. no, haha. Okay the way to go I feel like is to get big in your own country because no one is going to book you in Germany or the UK if they see you’re not doing anything in your own country so just destroy that first, destroy the Netherlands and then after that we are with Sony so if they can see that they can make money off of us cause based on the Netherlands, I feel like they’ll work harder for us in UK, Germany and hopefully the US maybe one day but right now we’re looking at UK and Germany where it’s probably where the scenes are the biggest and the bands are the coolest and the people are.

Our dream is just to just tour the world, just touring non stop!

But how are we going to get there?

I don’t know, but we’re gonna get there.

Were you excited when Sony Music appproached you?

First we approached them and we didn’t get any reaction and so we were at a point where we wanted to release our new album ourselves and then when we wanted to do that and then Sony called us. Yeah, a week before we were supposed to release our new single.

Do you think Sony Music will take you to the next level?

They are already, it’s crazy how much influence they do have and the connections they have and the experience obviously so it’s a good combination of network and experience that we do not have and they do and it’s working magic already!

We think the USA market would love you guys because your music is like All Time Low and Green Day mashed together. Would you like to tour America in the future?

As of now it’s mostly based on the Netherlands and Belgium. That would be great if we could just skip all of these tours and just go big like that. Let’s do it! Sign me up! But i dont know if it’s in the cards, we’ll see. If you know a guy who knows a guy, call us.

Interview by Kaori Manz and Hannah Smith.

photo credit: © Dorien Goetschalckx