INTERVIEW: Centiment

After surviving their festival début, Essex tech-metal band Centiment, spoke to us about geeks, HAIM and finally getting to uni.

CentimentSo its your first festival début, hows it working out?

Yeah, we’ve just walked in so yeah its cool it seems very organised there’s a lot of blue shirts everywhere helping out. I’m friends with kai who promotes the festival, so I’m happy for him, he’s done a good job. Its great I’m 31, I never got to go to uni so I get to go to uni.

Its so nice that its sunny as well

Yeah it is nice, but its annoying cause its an indoor festival mostly, but it would be lovely to be out in the sun whilst playing. But yeah I personally chased it. Its like Why are we not on Takedown? That’s the one we gotta do. Kai added us as quite a late addition so.

Any bands you’re looking forward to seeing?

I’ve just caught up with Lost Alone. I like rise to remain, Jamie lenman. Urm, who else? Probably someone I should remember that I’ve forgot, but yeah it’s a good line up. I’m looking forward to confusing people when they come in and see us, like who is this guy?

So on your Facebook you describe yourselves as geeky gamer tech metal, how did you decide on that genre?

I didn’t, I’m gonna keep having a go at greg for that. We’re just a metal band with electronic elements but greg put that and its stuck. Well we are geeks and there’s a game element, like computer game music and it is highly technical metal so I guess so, but I think you get pigeon holed when you pigeon hole yourself, so I’ve just tried to say metal with a twist.

Do you like having that something different and being really unique or would you like there to be more bands that did similar stuff?

I dunno everyone should just do what they want to do and then hopefully they’ll be unqieu for in some bands try do what they want to do and are just really band, but that’s just my opinion. You know I don’t write music for anyone else, I write for me and I write what I wanna hear and if people like it that’s great, I wouldn’t be able to write for someone else, I don’t know what someone else likes or what they’re about.

So, What do you take inspiration from?

Life, anything & everything. Musically mostly classical stuff and folk music, I don’t listen to t hat much metal any more, I just play it. Which is a cliché thing which everyone is saying. I’m all metalled out. I just heard preiphery’s new EP in the car and they’re doing interesting stuff. HAIM that girl band, I’m hooked on that.

Do you prefer writing or performing?

They both go hand in hand really, you have to record something to be able to perform and I like both. I like the process of recording and writing and developing stuff and I like when I come off stage I always think that finished way too soon.


What’s your dream venue or festival you’d like to play?

I’ve given up on those dream things, they only let you down. We’ve got no disillusion we don’t think were gonna take over the world and everyone has jobs except me, this is my job, but yeah so you can’t work around it. Its like lets do a week or two off to tour, its so hard in the music industry to do it full time and everyone is older now so you get commitments, a roof over your head, some people have kids in the band. So everything is a bonus, this is a bonus, playing a tour is an absolute bonus. But we’re not gonna tour the world and become megastars.

So what can fans look forward to hearing?

Its quite a produced album, so its different live. There’s a lot of spit flying around, and it’s a lot more visceral and a bit less contained, its quite intense. I try to bring out the nasty beast as usually I’m quite passive but up there I get to really spew it all out. Pretend I’m all metal. Yeah switch hardcore on for half an hour, no longer (laughs)

Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?

Cheers for supporting, listening & reading!

Streets of Rage is available now via Bandcamp

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Interview by Kaori Manz