INTERVIEW: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!


You’re currently on the Rock Sound Impericon Exposure Tour with We Came As RomansThe Color Morale and Palm Reader, how’s that been?

It’s been great! So tonight is the last show of the tour and I feel like, well I feel like everybody feels like it was way too short because that was amazing. Every single show has been great honestly and tonight in London we can expect maybe the best show on the tour? I don’t know.

Well people are already queuing!

Yeah, I’ve seen that so I’m assuming it’s gonna be great. But yeah, it’s been a lot of fun and we’ve partied pretty much every night on this tour and this is the reason why I love the UK, there’s always a party somewhere and that’s awesome.

Actually, we did pretty much the same tour in the States with We Came As Romans and The Color Morale which was also amazing so we already knew before this tour that it was gonna be amazing.

You’ve been to the UK a few times before, how do you find the UK compared to other countries?

I think the UK is the best country to tour in Europe because the crowd is pretty much like the crowds in the States. The crowd can go very crazy. If you have fans in the UK, they will go for it, they will move and crowdsurf and this is the kind of energy that we really wanna see during our shows because I think that’s the best reaction for our kind of music to have.

It’s awesome and it’s very entertaining for us, it’s like an interaction. If the crowd is bad, you can play well but it’s still gonna be a bad show because you don’t really feel it as you don’t have the reaction you want but when the crowd is awesome (like most of the time in the UK) you can play like shit but it’s still gonna be awesome because the crowd is into it and because you can feel the energy and this is what we really like about the UK. It never disappoints.

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Who are your biggest influences?

I would say the bands that we started with, like A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong but we’re trying to make our own way and sound more unique. We want people to say about our band that it sounds like us… Chunk sounds like Chunk.

I don’t wanna hear people saying “Chunk sounds like A Day To Remember or Four Year Strong”, it’s kind of a bummer. These are our main influences but like I said, we’re just trying to make our own thing.

Describe your musical sound in three words.

Happy, heavy and party!


What’s been the highlight of your musical career so far?

I would say, so far, it’s been the Vans Warped Tour in the US that we played two years ago and we’re gonna play again this year. I think that was the best thing we’ve ever done. We’ve played bigger festivals, like we played Soundwave in Australia which was with blink-182, Linkin Park, Metallica, Sum 41 and all of these big bands that you can’t see on Warped Tour because they’re so big.

But I would say a highlight of our career as a band and not as a little fanboy would be the Vans Warped Tour just because it’s the best exposure and that’s the best thing for a band in that kind of music scene.

Do you have any interesting or disaster tour stories?

Oh yeah, we have a lot actually!

What are the best ones?

The best one is actually the most recent one. Right after the tour we did with We Came As Romans and The Color Morale in the States back in October last year, we did a small headliner in the States

At the end of this headliner, we partied really hard, like a little bit too much. And with the other bands, we literally destroyed a hotel room… that sounds cliché but that’s what we did. Literally everything was broken, there were holes in the wall, and everything was ruined. But, the most interesting thing was that our bass player went to jail during that night!

For destroying the hotel room?

No, because he left during the night and in the morning he was not here, he was in jail! We don’t know exactly what happened, but that happened.

Aside from your own album Pardon My French, what was your favourite album release from 2013?

I think that was an interesting year for music. Personally, I really like Bring Me The Horizon’s CD ‘Sempiternal’ and I also really like the A Day To Remember album ‘Common Courtesy’. I would say these two are my favourites from last year.

Who are you currently listening to?

Right now, I’m gonna sound like a fangirl but I’m listening to the last CD that the band Issues dropped. I really like it, I think that brings something new to this kind of music and I really enjoy it. But I’m not into metalcore and stuff that like that but I think the mix they did on this album is awesome and very well done.

You’re going on tour with Bury Tomorrow this April, this time in Mainland Europe. Are you looking forward to this tour?

Yeah! Especially because we toured Europe almost three years ago with Miss May I and Chelsea Grin but we haven’t toured Europe since, well until now. We know that our fanbase grew up and everything but I really like playing in Europe just because it’s not like touring in the States because even though there’s a lot of States, it’s still the United States and everybody speaks the same language and it’s still the same country. But here in Europe, every country is different and we were talking about the UK but I really love playing in Germany and Switzerland as well just because, well for totally different reasons actually, but I’m really excited for this tour just because I wanna play Europe again!


Aside from that tour and your upcoming set at Groezrock Festival, what are your plans as a band for the rest of the year?

After this tour, we’re gonna play Russia, after Russia we’re gonna play with Bury Tomorrow in Europe, then we have something that I cannot say because it’s not announced yet but we do have something. Tour-wise we’re actually gonna have something here in the UK and then we have the Vans Warped Tour this Summer and then we’re gonna start working on a new album which we’re supposed to record early next year and release Spring 2015 or something. We have a lot of things but there’s also a lot of things that I cannot say because I don’t wanna get in trouble with the label but yeah, interesting things!

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Pardon My French is available via iTunes now.

Interview by Jess Pearson (Overboard News)