INTERVIEW: Devil In Me – Groezrock 2014

After their set at this years Groezrock Festival, we sat down to have a chat with vocalist Poli Correia from hardcore band Devil In Me about his tattooing career and his hometown Portugal! Devil In Me There are photos of you tattooing band members backstage at gigs. Do you do this quite often?

It depends on the tour, I mean I’d rather do it when we’re on a tour bus than when we’re in a van because it means we’re touring with bigger bands and the backstage is way better so it makes it possible. I’m a tattoo artist, I’ve been tattooing for 14 years now. I’ve got my own shop back home, so on tour it’s just for fun like tattooing friends in bands and all that on tour buses.

You don’t take jobs whilst on tour then?

No, it’s just fun.

What do you like or dislike about living in Portugal?

I don’t dislike anything, I love it! Just maybe if the dudes in charge could take better care of our people and the economy and all that, it’s not really helping a lot of people that need to work and they just can’t get work, they’re actually being fired! A lot of people are losing their jobs, it’s not as bad as you think though. That’s the only issue with Portugal – the economy and the way that they’re running everything down there. Besides that, it’s beautiful!

What’s the music scene like in Portugal?

It’s pretty good and you’ve got a lot of rock’n’roll culture there and then we have a more hardcore scene than punk but there’s a lot of punk too, but the hardcore scene is good there, it’s solid. We’ve got good bands from there, you’ve got For The Glory, Reality Slap, even without being a hardcore band, you’ve got More Than A Thousand, Hills Have Eyes, they’re good bands, check ‘em out!

Devil In Me - The EndThe End is available from iTunes.

How was the Rebellion Tour?

Good! It’s our third time, it’s great. We all know each other, all the bands, it’s like a family. We like playing the rebellion tour, everything is fun backstage, it’s way more fun than on-stage. You’ve got Wisdom In Chains, MADBALL, Biohazard, Final Prayer – they’re not here today but they’re on the Rebellion tour. It’s actually just a bunch of dudes having a good time and then we’ve got to play! Sounds good!

The Brothers In Arms Tour is coming up, is that going to have a similar vibe to the Rebellion Tour?

Nah, it’s a small one, it’s only four days and we’re just playing clubs, so like 300 cap. We’re playing three shows in Portugal and another one in Spain and that’s about it but it’s just too many days, doesn’t make sense in Portugal, like a week tour in Portugal doesn’t make sense, we’re trying to cross it to Spain but we only got booked for one city. But yeah, we got Deez Nuts this time, that Lock & Key, I think those kids are from London – they’re doing the four dates with us.

How was your set here at Groezrock earlier today?

I loved it! The tent was packed, we had kids singing, it was 12:30, it’s crazy! I woke up at like 11am, up and out, loading in and shit, that was it, get dressed, play! It’s crazy!

What’s been a highlight of your musical career?

Becoming good friends with MADBALL dudes and later on having Freddy from MADBALL doing our managing thing and this is pretty much it! We never really wanted something out of it; we wanted to bring something to you. We never ask for anything, we just try to give from our hearts so everything else is profit!

DIM© João Cavaco Photography

Can you describe your music in just three words?

Love, hard… I don’t know, there’s a lot of love in it! And hard again, a lot of hard! Lots of hard love! Still hard though.

What bands are you hoping to watch over the weekend?

I’m not sticking here for the weekend, we’re flying back home tomorrow, but tomorrow: Cro-Mags, Judge too… Cro-Mags are playing with Judge.

What do Devil In Me have in store for the rest of the year?

Our new record is coming out. We don’t know whether it’s September or October, we don’t know yet but it’s coming out! We just released a new single, it’s on our Facebook page with a new video so you can check it out – the song is called Knowledge Is Power’ and the record will be calledSoul Rebel’.

Has there been a good response to that song?

Yeah, kids were singing it today! It was great, they’ve been singing the whole tour, it’s great. The internet is an incredible thing!

Interview by Jess Pearson.


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