INTERVIEW: The Divided


You’ve recently announced your final ever show as a band. Why is the band parting ways?

Nathan: Our vocalist Johnny, is moving to Australia to get some sun. That and I think he just needs to get away and experience something different. The rest of us don’t feel right carrying on something he was a founding member of. It wouldn’t be the same without him. So we figured we’d shut up shop and play one final hometown show. So we’re hoping it’s going to be a good one, we don’t wanna send him away without giving him a decent send off!

Would you say your biggest achievement as a band would be your debut EP ‘For Tonight We’re Strangers’? Tell us a bit about it.

Nathan: I only joined the band last December after their previous drummer Dan left. So I haven’t really been a part of much of The Divided’s history, but I can probably speak for the other lads by saying that yeah, it’s a massive achievement. I played no role in the writing or recording of that EP as it was before my time, but even i’m proud of it!

The title track features Karl Schubach, who I know is a massive influence on Johnny and Sam, So it was a huge thing for the lads to have him feature on that EP. His voice sounds massive. The song writing and lyrics on that EP are absolutely incredible. I’m not being bias, that’s just the truth. Johnny really speaks from his heart in every song on that EP. From start to finish it’s amazing!

What have you learnt from being in a band over the duration of the past four years? Could you highlight the best and worst moments?

Sam: I’ve learned that you have to work hard to get anywhere. There’s so much talent out there so you have to really strive to be noticed. I’d also say if you’re not going to give music 110% you won’t get anywhere that’s just a fact. I also learned that people in bands work so hard for so little and they do it because they love it, along with the passion they have for underground unsigned music makes me proud to be a musician!

As for best and worst times? I don’t have a worst time, yeah it’s a lot of work and sometimes it can seem slightly thankless but what could be better than playing the music you love with your best friends in places you never dreamed you’d be?


Your band has been fortunate enough to play alongside several established bands from all over the world. Was there a favourite tour/show which you will never forget? And if so why?

Sam: I don’t think I’ll ever forget playing alongside Hacktivist and Monuments at Concorde 2 in Brighton. I’d grown up going to shows there and always wanted to someday play that stage, so for me being fortunate enough to do that was a little dream come true. That and being able to do it with some seriously good bands just made it all the better.

After your last show in Brighton on 28th February, where do you think life will take each of you? Do any of you have plans for the future already?

Nathan: It’s gonna be nice having a break from waking up early Sunday mornings with hangovers, frantically getting ready to leave for band practice, I won’t miss that. But i’ll miss these guys, I’ve spent so much time with them, and it’s going to be an absolute honour to play this last show with them and give Johnny a good send off!

We’ve discussed doing something together in the future, so we’ll have to see where that takes us. I don’t think any of us will never not be in a band again, music is a part of us. And we’d never abandon it! We’ll just have to see what happens…

It would be great to see some familiar faces come down to our last show. If you’re in Brighton, love free music and like watching bands make idiots of themselves, come down and party with us. Our mates in Fathoms are supporting us, as well as some other awesome local bands.


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By Kaori Manz