INTERVIEW: Fathoms – Ghostfest 2014


We’re here at Ghostfest 2014 with Fathoms. So what happened to changing your name?

Ah, man! (laughs) ‘Gay drugs’ just didn’t work for us, we tried it but they weren’t cool with it.

Fair enough. How are you guys doing? Enjoying the festival?

Yeah we’re having a great time. It’s awesome, we’ve finished playing, so we can just enjoy the weekend now.

Are you guys looking forward to seeing any bands play this weekend?

Suicide Silence, Hundredth, Astroid Boys.

Have you ever been to Ghostfest before?

This time last year, in this exact same spot!

Was it better last year or does this year top it?

I think where we’re here right now, the parking bit, there was like all the band vans, everyone was partying, it was really cool, right now it’s just like, us (laughs). But playing was really good, it was a lot of fun.


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Everyone knows Ghostfest is all about hardcore music, how would you define ‘Hardcore’?

Family! The struggle is real (laughs). I dunno, it’s just a scene really isn’t it? I would describe it as straight edge tattoos, XXL t-shirts. There’s a lot of people who seem to have this hype around it being fucking entwined, you have to be family and fucking work together and all that shit but it’s just a type of music, like, it’s heavy, it’s cool, it doesn’t matter what you do. Everyone’s fucking different I’m wearing a mask for fucks sake. This is a lifestyle it’s not a choice, I was born into this, you deal with it.

Who do you think is the most respected hardcore band in the world?

In the world?! woahhhh, shit. Surely, Black Flag have got to be in there, like old shit, Madball and H2O, all the original fucking hardcore kids. All this new stuff is just paying homage to that really.

Who are your biggest influences musically?

I’m gonna throw it out there, Cheryl Cole, S Club 7 (laughs). Nah it’s all the standard shit that everyone says,Pantera, Nirvana. We all take influences from everything really, everyone listens to different music, like hip hop, old school stuff. I don’t think one of us likes the same band as the other.

Are there any smaller unknown bands you’d recommend?

Shields they’re awesome. Black Dogs were fucking sick. Napoleon, Dead Harts, Create To Inspire.

So when you’re not on stage what other things do you like to do?

Smoke weed, get wasted, wear masks, smoke meth, fuck school.

Last question, what’s next for Fathoms?

We recorded our first album recently and we’re releasing it soon, we’re just talking to labels and stuff at the moment. It’s coming out hopefully around September.

Interview by Kaori Manz.


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