INTERVIEW: Fathoms – Groezrock 2014


We’re here at Groezrock today. How’re you guys doing?

Good. Yeah, we just finished playing and it was fucking sweet! It was a really good turn out.

Have you ever been here before?

No. Always wanted to but it’s so far away. So we never came over… until today!

If you get some time spare are you going to see bands?

Yeah, Brand New, Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday. We were gonna see Deez Nuts, but we missed them and a few other bands later on.

You guys are from Brighton. What is the best and worst thing about living there?

I’m quite a big fan of the beach. It’s a cool place, and there’s also lotsa gay dudes and loadsa drugs so like those things are like the fuel to a good party. You get shat on by seagulls a lot though, it’s full of tourists too, in summer the beach does get a bit hectic but apart from that I love Brighton. It’s good for partying, there’s loads of clubs, there’s never a quiet night there.

How did the band originally form?

We had a few members before these guys came in, we found Tom on the internet. Dan used to play in a Brighton band so we knew him, so when our old guitarist quit he was pretty much next in line. So we all sort of knew each other, through each other and now we’re the alliance! (laughs).

It’s a pretty boring story. We should have talked about hookers and gay drugs. Can we do this again? Basically, one night Lui jumped off Brighton pier fought a shark and he fell into a gay man whilst doing coke, the gay man was James and they were like “Hey! We should start a band” (laughs). Tom was just watching it all.

No, I was actually the shark, in a really really good onesie. (laughs)

If your band had a motto what would it be?

Beer bongs and sing alongs!

Describe your music in 3 words.

Beers, bongs and sing alongs?

Metal, hardcore, stuff

Heavy, fast, fun

Kinda gay drugs?

Neggy, hate, groove.

Heavy, melodic, groovy.


What’s the first CD you ever bought?

This is a horrible story. I’m taking over now cause this has made me angry, this is the one thing I don’t like about Groezrock, we played today and The Offspring got me into music and I have to miss them tomorrow cause we’ve gotta catch a ferry!

This is gonna sound bent but the first CD I ever bought, I mean out of my own money, I went to a shop and bought was As I Lay Dying.

Mine was Linkin Park, I had a lot of shit at home that I already owned, but that was the first thing I bought out of my own pocket.

The first CD I ever got was Oasis ‘Whats The Story Morning Glory’.

I stayed true, the first CD I ever bought out of my own pocket was an amazing 80’s band called The Sweet.

Have you got any upcoming releases?

We released an EP about 6 months ago and we have an album coming out around September, it’s as yet untitled. It’s called gay drugs! (laughs). Groezrock gay drugs… Yeah, we don’t have a name for it but we’ve done it all. It’s all ready to be released and it sounds fucking heavy and sick and fast and groovy!

Any memorable stories from all of the tours you’ve been on?

Max got pissed on by a promoter! (laughs). We were playing this show in the mountains in Germany and we had to stay at this dudes house and he was kind of like an innocent German dude. He didn’t speak much English. He got loads of alcohol for us, so we got him like shitfaced drunk. I was like, “I’m gonna go to bed dude, on the floor, is that cool?” He was like “yeah yeah” so I went to sleep on his floor and if you have your eyes closed you know when you can like feel something in front of your eyes, with your eyes closed? I was like half asleep and I could feel something, opened my eyes and it was this dudes naked arse crouched over me and he was pissing on me! And then he just went straight back into bed and spooned his girlfriend.

Accidentally we thought we were smoking weed when we were in America, with these Juggalos, these guys that love ICP and shit. They had this massive bong and it was this hallucinogenic shit and he took it and he literally didn’t stop screaming for ages, he was rolling on the floor, I had to hold him down and slap him in the face and he kept shouting “taste! taste!”.

Yeah, I couldn’t taste anything so in my mind I was like get me some water so I can taste something but I couldn’t function that well so I was just going “Taste! Taste!”.

That was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

Best story ever. Plenty of others, but we won’t bore you.


So you went on tour in America. How was that?

Yeah, last year. It was fucking rad! It was cool. A lot of really good weed, lots of great American liquor, long nice drives. It was cool to see America. People in America are really happy just for the sake of being happy. You know in England everyone’s just a bit droody.

At our shows, people just came to the front of the stage and were like “yeahh! We don’t know you guys but we already love it!” and people were so willing.

Ah! And the food. We had pizza everyday non stop on tour, it was so bad but amazing! Grease everywhere, you could literally turn a pizza upside down and watch it run. We were shitting green for the first week but it all goes with it.

Also, we had a connecting flight, we landed in Florida and we were flying to Philly (Phildelphia, USA) and in the space of an hour or so he got bitten by a spider! It was like an elephants hoof or whatever they call it.

It’s a shame you didn’t turn into Spiderman! So, any plans for the rest of 2014?

Well, we’re releasing our debut album, so that’s big stuff. It’s boring from then on really. We’re going to Europe in July, we’re doing Ghostfest in England.

Interview by Kaori Manz.


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