INTERVIEW: H20 – Groezrock 2014

Before their set at this years Groezrock Festival, Adam Blake from H2O sat down to have a chat with us to talk Iron Maiden, the best stage in Europe and drinking cows urine!


Photo Cred: Rudy De Doncker

You’ve toured with a few of the bands on the line-up today but who has been your favourite band to tour with?

That’s a really hard question to answer! You know, I hate to do this in an interview but I can’t answer that question because we’ve got to tour with so many great bands and I can’t pick a favourite! Does that make me a fence-sitter? It’s been almost 20 years of touring; hundreds of bands toured with so I can’t pick, and the mind is slow this morning!

What is your favourite country to play in and why?

This is an English interview? Oh England without a doubt, I’m from England and it’s always nice to go home!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Wow good question, the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten… I’ve eaten live octopus!

Where was that?

Japan! I’d say that’s weird! OH, no I know what it would be, when I was in Shelter, which was my previous band, we were all Hare Krishna monks and we drank cow urine… yeah. The things you do to advance your spiritual life!

Are H20 currently recording an album?

No, that’s gonna happen when it happens. We’re making demos, the process has begun but as far as going in and recording songs for our record… We just go with our own flow, a nice steady flow, no speed.

If your band had a motto, what would it be?

Wow, if we had a motto… I’ve gotta think of something that isn’t cheesy, it’s easy to come up with a cheesy motto as they usually are! Erm, keep it positive! Better than keep it real, it’s like a strain of keep it real.

H20 are performing on the Etnies Stage again this evening, are you happy to be back on that stage?

Yes, it’s the best stage here! It’s the best stage in Europe and I love it for that reason, it’s amazing what Groezrock has been able to do where you have a festival size stage and a festival size crowd but then they’ve taken out the barricade. They’ve basically placed their trust in the audience to self-police and not be dicks and so far it’s working like a charm!

It’s something that England hasn’t been able to do.

I have played England, I’ve played the Reading and Leeds Festivals and it’s a very different experience.

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Who are you planning on watching today?

We’re here all day floating around, I wanna see Madball, I wanna see Ignite, I wanna see Terror, Quicksand, I Am The Avalanche, NOFX and there’s also bands that I’m not gonna be naming names but there’s bands I wanna hang out with but I’m not necessarily too fussed on seeing the bands, you know what I mean? Just a whole bunch of stuff going on today.

What’s been a highlight of your musical career so far?

Oh, this interview without a doubt! The highlight of my musical career so far, I don’t know, there’s a ton of ones, playing with Iron Maiden! Touring with Maiden in Australia on Soundwave was literally… when I started playing music at school, Maiden were who I fell in love, they were my band, know what I mean? So to get to go on tour with them, we didn’t get to meet them but to be able to go ‘Wow, we toured with Maiden’, it was like holy shit I’ve done it! We never met them because it was a festival tour and they fly on their own plane and stuff but just to be… I met Dave Murray in a really kind of random circumstance, it was awesome! It was SO COOL. Like, you always get nervous when you meet your heroes and they’re gonna disappoint and you’ll be like ‘Man, this guy is a douchebag!’ but it was perfect! It was me and Mitt from Madball, you know Madball, the guitar player? Me and him met him in Madison Square Gardens hanging out backstage and it was awesome, we both started screaming like girls. We weren’t fanboys, we met in like a hang style so it was cool.


If you had to pick one, what would your favourite album be?

It’s a weird question, I’d need to know where I was, would I be on a desert island?

If someone said to you that you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life and nothing else…

The soundtrack to my life? If it was a desert island, I’d pick like desert island music. It really depends what I’m doing, it’s a hard question to answer, you gotta give me more to work with! You can’t give me just one record! Because one, it’s an unrealistic situation, let’s be honest here, outside a desert island.

When I asked you that question, what was the first record that popped into your head?

That’s What I Call Music 4! Just kidding… remember those compilations?! I guess it would probably be an Iron Maiden record.

You can have the Iron Maiden discography.

I can have a discography?! Oh! I’d have The Clash discography, it’s nice and broad, a lot of stuff in it or maybe I’d have the Motown boxset, every Motown song ever. I’m gonna stick with the Motown boxset purely because as far as music that’s uplifting and energising, it’s hard to fuck with Motown.

What do H20 have planned for the rest of the year?

Well, I’ll give you the concrete answer. We have two shows later this month, one in Las Vegas, one in Denver with Judge then we have a little Canadian mini tour thing – two shows including a big festival in Chicago then we come back here for one or two weeks then who knows? Make a new record, keep making demos, find some fun shows to play.

So H20 don’t stick to strict deadlines within the band?

Oh no, it’s anarchy! It’s chaos, when something comes up that looks cool to do, then we might decide we don’t like it and cancel it, you may have noticed we’ve done that a few times. H2O cancel tours. It’s a little chaotic you know, but for the most part, we’re a reliable bunch!

Interview by Jess Pearson


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