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Heart Of A Coward

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Recently, you just announced some shows in Russia.

Yeah we’ve been there before, last June with Thy Art Is Murder and now we’re going back over with After The Burial ’cause they’re an awesome band.

Are the crowds different when you go to different countries?

As soon as we stepped out of the van there were kids there who wanted pictures and stuff signed. It was quite weird. They literally surrounded us and all the other bands. Cause not many bands come, so when they do everyone’s there.

Is that your favourite country to tour in?

Yeah at the moment, its just quite easy, apart from travelling, it’s just good fun.

Do you get much time to explore the cities you visit?

Yeah we got taken on a sightseeing tour last time we were over there and they took us on a tour of Red Square. It was really hot as well so we kinda just wanted to go back but it was nice to see stuff.

Whats your favourite show to date?

Probably Download so far, yeah. There were some good ones on the last tour we did, like Underworld and here at The Joiners, they were good shows.

Do you have a dream venue or festival?

I’d love to play Hellfest in France just because the line-ups are always ridiculous, just so I could go and see all the bands.

Heart Of A Coward

Photo Cred: Leigh Drinkwater Photography

Recently there’s been so many co-headline tours. If you could tour with any band past or present who would it be?

I dunno, probably Pantera. Which would never happen but yeah, I’d love to do a tour with Slipknot or Gojira.

Today there’s some pretty big bands playing. It must be cool to see your name on the line up next to them?

Yeah I was really into Funeral For A Friend when I was younger and I’ve not seen them play in like 10 years or something like that so yeah it’s gonna be nice to see them.

Have you seen anyone that you look upto here walking around?

Not here, but at Download we bumped into Corey Taylor of Slipknot and we all got a bit starstruck and asked him for a photo. I literally couldn’t speak but he was really nice and polite, even though he was in a rush he still took time to stop and take a photo with us.

Are you looking forward to your set? Got anything special planned?

Urm, Nothing out of the ordinary, just bringing what we always do. If the crowd goes off we’ll go off as much as they go off. Crowd participation, heaviness, a good head bang.

Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

Urm… thanks!

Interview by Natasha Bird


27.04.14 – Impericon Festival, Manchester

05.05.14 – Zal Ojidaniya, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

06.05.14 – Volta, Moscow, Russian Federation