INTERVIEW: High Tyde – Redfest 2014

At Redfest last weekend, we spoke to up and coming indie rockers from Brighton, High Tyde about their latest single release ‘Karibu’, the story behind the band’s name and their musical influences.

Hi! How’re you guys doing?

Yeah good thank you, not liking this weather. Wish it was a bit dryer than it is.

What’s the story behind the bands name?

Basically when we first started as a band I was into Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. The album had just come out and he had a song, ‘The Death Of You And Me‘ and the lyrics are “High tide, summer in the city” and it kind of fitted cause obviously we live in Brighton by the sea.

So you all agreed on the name quite easily?

Nah, we went through quite a few names. We started out as ‘Tides’ and then found out there were a million other bands called ‘Tides’.

Then we had to be annoying and put a ‘y’ in it. We’re pretty dyslexic.

Was that on purpose?

Yeah, yeah, the logo suits it.

You guys live in Brighton. What’s the best and worst thing about living there?

The best thing in Brighton is that anything goes and when it’s sunny it’s a really fucking nice place to be, especially like strolling along the beach. We’ve got two piers, well.. a pier, we’ve got one pier that’s pretty fucked.

It’s just got a lot of character, it’s really cosmopolitan and stuff. Obviously we’ve got all the main street shops but there’s loads of lanes full of random whatever, you could go down there wanting whatever and you’ll come out with it.

The worst thing about living in Brighton is… there’s too many bands! (laughs)


Are you guys looking forward to seeing anyone on the line-up today?

I’m looking forward to watching The Skints tomorrow, that’s the whole reason why I’m staying. Skindred should be fun, saw them at Reading, they were pretty cool.

Young Kato, but I think we’re clashing with them.

You recently released your single ‘Karibu’ and had two release shows, one in London and another in Brighton. How did they go?

Yeah, rad. That was the first two shows that we introduced merchandise to and we just shifted so many, it was crazy! But yeah obviously Brighton was good cause it was all our family and friends and stuff. But they were both really good shows. The venue in Brighton flooded, there was just water down the side, we still played.

Also recently you guys got featured on BBC Introducing. That must have been exciting?

Yeah, that was cool. We were featured on there before but this time it felt a lot better cause as soon as we released the single and told people about it, it was on there, straight away. We didn’t have to push it that much and we had really strong PR behind it. Big up Alex! He’s our PR guy. We’ve had a lot of  blogs and radio play.

Why’s the single called ‘Karibu’?

Basically, we did another song that was quite summery. I thought fuck it, lets not name the song something boring like…

…I swear it means something!

Yeah there’s this African language called Swahili and in Swahili ‘Karibu’ means ‘Welcome’. But ‘Welcome’ is quite boring so ‘Karibu’ sounds better.


Have you got any upcoming tours?

Next year definitely! We’re doing a few shows at the end of this year, we’ve been writing a lot and eventually we’ll do a nice long tour. We’re gonna have another band on tour with us as well so that should be really fun. We kind of fell in love with this band!

Fell in love? Are they girls?

(laughs) Nah, unfortunately they’re all boys, we’re all boys and we had a really great time. Sounds so wrong. King No One from York. We went up to York and played a show with them and so they came down to Brighton and played a show with us and they’re just really nice guys.

The music you’ve recorded so far, where did you record it?

We got our best mate Ryan, from our first demos to two and a bit years ago we’ve stuck with him. He gets us and we get him. We can go in there any day of the week and do what we want. He lets us come in a couple of times a week and we literally recorded so many songs, ready for next year and EP’s and stuff. He’s just such a legend and does it all for us.

For free?

Yeah, he kind of lives off beans at the moment.

Do you guys have a song writing process?

There’s not really a process to be honest. It used to be Spencer would write the song and he’d come over to us and we’d all jam around it but now we do it in loads of ways. We don’t ever write a song the same as we did the last song, like a couple of ours songs, well one of our songs that we’ve written that we’re gonna release early next year, was written in like 20-30 minutes. I think sometimes that’s just the way to go if you can just bang it out in 20 minutes.

But then you get the 5 year production time, nahh I’m joking. It literally took about an hour to do it.

Are you planning to get back in the studio soon then?

We live there, it’s our second home, we’re always writing new songs.

Who are you influenced by musically?

Oh, mate. Everyone! The world. Me and Louis are massively into like Kendrick Lamar. First off when we first started we were influenced by Two Door Cinema Club and Bombay Bicycle Club but now we’re all into different types of music.

I guess when you grow a bit older you get out of the “I’m into every indie band imaginable” and you’re like “Nah indie isn’t everything”. You’ve got like house, hip hop, 80’s music. We’ve got a lot of house influence in the sound of our new songs but it’s gonna be a big change.

Are there any smaller bands you’d recommend?

Well Jaws just played and I love Jaws. Shame about the weather.

If your band had a motto what would it be?

Fuck it, we’ve got beers, it’ll be fine.

Yeah, just get some beers.

Do you guys drink before you go on stage then?

No, no, afterwards.

We always find ourselves in like… we were in York and we had nowhere to stay and we were gonna sleep on the streets and we were like lets just get some beers, we’ll be fine. We stayed at some dudes house and his sofa ended up upside down, riding bikes, woke up in the morning, fridge was on the floor. It was well good fun.

What are your aspirations as a band?

Next year we really wanna play more festivals. Main aspiration is Glastonbury. World domination (laughs) no just playing loads of fucking shows and getting a bigger following.

Have fun (laughs).

Have you got any favourite festival experiences?

Isle of Wight Festival when I went to see Kasabian was nuts.

The rain here is amazing (laughs). I don’t think you can ever put on a festival where it doesn’t rain at least one day. Me and Spencer went to Reading last year and that was pretty cool.

Last question, a bit of a random one. Did you guys watch the World Cup?

Yes I did and I was so happy about the Germany-Brazil result. We played so terribly though. I wanted to watch the England games but I felt a bit embarrassed.

I said at the beginning of the world cup that it’d be Holland and Germany and if I’d put a bet on that I’d be so near winning that bet. Yeah, Germany dominated. Germany all the way!

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Interview by Kaori Manz.