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You guys are in the middle of a tour at the moment, hows it been?

Yeah its been cool. 10 days we’ve been away and we were at a festival last night as well called Hammerfest up in North Wales and we had to drive from there this morning. Left at 5am and got here at 11:30am. It’s a long drive, I haven’t slept yet! I just need a monster and I’ll be alright.

Wow that’s an early start! Are you looking forward to playing the UPRAWR stage today?

Yeah, can’t wait! It’s a good room and we’re a fun metal band so…

What can fans expect from your set?

Lots of energy, lots of bouncy riffs and everything beyond your wildest dreams! (laughs).


As a band is there any venues or festivals you have your hearts on playing?

There was Download until we played that last year. Yeah that was the obvious one and I think we’ve got the stage now that we want to play in as many countries as possible. Play the biggest festivals like Rock am Ring in Germany. As long as we can take good mates with us like The Smoking Hearts with their retro t-shirts (laughs) then we’re all fine.

Have you got any funny stories from shows or tours so far?

Where do we start? there was this charity gig where a guy decided to destroy a house and himself, but it gets weirder, the funny thing was he was replacing a bass player and it was the bass player’s house he destroyed. He was pretty upset about something, that was a weird day. Oh and the amount of days we’ve slept in a van is too much for a human being. Six of us in one van!

Are you planning on watching any of the other bands today?

Yeah, Feed The Rhino, Hacktivist, I Divide, The Smoking Hearts. We haven’t seen The Smoking Hearts for a while, we did a massive tour with them at the end of last year for 3-4 weeks, so its like a little reunion today cause by the end of that we were all a massive family.


What sort out music do you listen to while on the road?

Anything from Lamb Of God to Fleetwood Mac. A bit of everything! Seal ‘Kiss From A Rose’ (laughs).

Whats your favourite part of being on the road?

It’s the playing, that’s what we do it for.

Do you prefer performing to writing and recording?

Obviously we love jamming and playing in rehearsal rooms but yeah when it comes to recording or playing, its always playing.

So I was reading yesterday you’re giving away an EP with Metal Hammer. What made you decide to give it away for free instead of selling it?

Yeah it’s the first part of 3 and because if we attempted to sell we might sell a few hundred or thousand. This way we get 17,000 records put out one month and 6,000 the next and we just feel it’s a better way of getting our music out there. We just want to play to as many people as possible. Its exclusive to ASDA, but the same copy is going into WHSmith next month and then the next two sets are coming out through the year spaced apart.


What would you like to be doing this time next year?

Main stage, higher up on the bill. Just to keep on moving up and carry on and keep playing to as many people as possible and hopefully get to see more of the world. Play gigs in more countries too, free holidays! Paid holidays (laughs).

Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

Just thank you, and if you ever see we’re playing a show near you, come see us obviously. We’re friendly and down to earth and we genuinely mean everything we do. Come and get pissed with us! (laughs).

Interview by Natasha Bird at Takedown Festival, 2014.