INTERVIEW: Kids Insane – Groezrock 2014

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Hi, how’re you guys doing?

I’m great, we’re very excited.

Have you been here before?

Yeah, 3 years ago. We didn’t play. This is the last show of this tour as well, it’s like the grand finale.

Did you get to see any other bands play?

Yeah, we saw Bayside, we just arrived before they started playing. Paint It Black, Ignite, NOFX, The Offspring.

You guys are from Israel. How long did it take you to get here?

The flight to Milan was four hours and we toured for two and a half weeks in Italy and Spain. It’s our third time touring in Europe, but it’s our first time in Spain, Portugal, Italy and some parts of France. We’ve had some good shows.

Do you have any funny stories from tour?

We got our van broken into, our window was broken. It’s not that funny, but what is funny is that we were sure that someone scratched our van, after the tour today we discovered it was just a sticker and the driver that owns the van was like “Hey guys, this isn’t a scratch”, so we didn’t have to pay for anything. We saw a few wild hogs, while we were on the road too, we don’t have those back home.


The music you write, the content and lyrics is quite political. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I write all of the lyrics and most of my inspiration and influence comes from living in Israel, Tel Aviv and that’s where all the anger and emotion comes from.

Do you think it’s difficult for people who don’t live in Israel to relate to what you sing about?

I think people can relate to it wherever they come from and I think people can relate to not being part of a society.

When you were kids, were you insane? Or why are you called Kids Insane?

Actually it’s because the way people look at you, the way you dress and the way of choices, your lifestyle. Everyone always pointed at us and said “Insane kids”. We all refused to go to the army and in Israel all males have to go to the army, or they can claim they’re insane. So that’s the way we chose to avoid this.

How would you describe your live performance?

We try to maintain a high level of energy. I would say we’re like insane kids, that’s what we aim for, angry. We just go crazy.

What’s the music scene like over in Israel?

It’s quite bad, very general. In Israel you can’t live on your music anyway, even the popular artists still don’t make enough money to finish the month. For punk bands it has up and downs, its up to the bands to make something out of it. There are no promoters, no labels and hardly any people that come to shows and don’t already play in a different band. There are a few good bands, the last few years in Tel Aviv have been really good for punk rock.

When you’re not playing music, what music do you listen to?

From Israel, Not On Tour and I’d recommend Barren Hope, Cheap Drugs from Antwerp.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

We’ve got another tour and we will record some new songs and do some stuff with it other than putting it out on an album.

Would your band ever decide to move to another country?

I’d never say never. If we get any options, I think we would think about it. We’re all really interested in going somewhere outside of Israel to record, like spend a month in a different place.

Interview by Kaori Manz.


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