INTERVIEW: Lacey – Hit The Deck Festival 2014


I’m here with Lacey, so how’re you guys doing?

Very well.

I saw you on The Forum stage earlier on, how was that for you?

Decent, yeah it looked amazing! It was incredible wasn’t it? The turn out was crazy, cause it was quite an early slot, but yeah, I really enjoyed it.

Wicked. So you’re currently on your spring break UK tour, with People On Vacation and Patent Pending. What’s it been like touring with them?

Well it’s the second day in, we caught them at HTD yesterday in Bristol and they’re just the best fun, the best fun? The most fun. Patent pending, literally, I could watch them all night, for hours and hours and hours. It’s just brilliant. Whether you’re into that kinda music or not they get everyone dancing and jumping up and down. It was brilliant. They jump up and down a lot and they’re all just the nicest guys. We toured with them last year, so we couldn’t wait to get back in with them. Thing is, they’re that good it makes you think of your own game. So you just wanna get back up there and do it the next night.

Have you got any funny or weird tour stories yet?

It’s too early this time, I think the boys were all jet lagged yesterday so it’s all been quite mild. I’m sure something will happen.


You took part in the Redbull Bedroom Jam competition to play at Download festival. What would it mean for you guys to be on the Download line up?

It would be incredible. We got to the final last year, down to the last 15 and we were absolutely devastated when we didn’t make it. It would just be amazing! The whole idea of the competition is brilliant, it gives bands that don’t have a huge platform or backing a chance to play a major music festival and the whole red bull studios experience was brilliant when we went down there, they’ve got a top of the range studio and they really look after you and free redbull! I was shaking for about 10 days after.

You released the music video for your song ‘Hometown’ back in February and I definitely recognised some of the locations from Nottingham.

We didn’t want it to be too obvious that it was Nottingham because we wanted other people to relate it to their own hometown experiences. We didn’t want it to be too many notable landmarks.

You’re lastest EP is out now and is called ‘Outlaws’. What can you tell us about that?

It’s our 3rd EP and I think this is the one where we’ve really started to find our feet, the first two we were kind of still learning about each other in terms of song writing and what our strengths are and stuff .‘Outlaws’ is the first one where we kind of nailed it and it’s been really well received, it’s pleasing to know that what you’re doing is good.

The artwork for the EP is a wolf, has that got any significance in it for you guys?

Yes it has. Basically, there’s an old law which defines an outlaw in English law and the translation is “You’ll wear a wolf’s head”, which means that if someone is declared an outlaw then they can be seen as a wolf and people can pursue them as they would a wolf, so they can hunt them, cause they’ve lost all their rights to be a citizen.

lacey-outlaws-ep-cover-art‘Outlaws’ is available to purchase via iTunes, Amazon & Spotify.

What music were you into when you were younger?

I was into California punk when I was sort of 13-14, I loved it. I used to wear these ridiculously baggy jeans. There was a NOFX song that made me wanna start playing bass.

Exactly the same, it was weird because our musical opening is like parallel and then found bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New.

You mentioned Brand New, is it a dream to be playing the same festival as them?

It really does, it’s not really a secret anymore that we’re called ‘Lacey’ because of Jesse Lacey from Brand New. All four of us grew up listening to them.

Have you met them yet?

Nah, we’re hoping to bump into them but then I don’t know if I’d be able to maintain myself.

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?

If Josh was here he would be able to reel up a list of terrible music. When we were leaving for tour and packing CD’s for the van, Josh was trying to justify bringing the new Beyonce album with him and I was like “If you wanna bring it, bring it, it’s absolutely fine, she’s a very talented lady” but he ended up leaving it.

I’ve heard it’s quite good.

Yeah it’s brilliant. We actually sometimes when we’re going to a gig or to the studio and we’re trying to syke ourselves up we’ll pop a bit of Beyonce on or Leona Lewis.

I know all of the words to ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ by Meatloaf. I always wanted to do that at a karaoke bar but I don’t know if they’d let you do a 10 minute song.

Here at Hit The Deck Festival, is there anyone you’re really looking forward to seeing?

I can’t wait to see Saves The Day they’ve been one of my favourite bands for a long time and it’ll be my first time seeing them.  It’s always good seeing People On Vacation and Patent Pending who we’re touring with, we know they’re gonna kill it. Brand New, obviously.  There’s a band from brighton called Verses who I really like, they’re really good, looking forward to seeing them. There’s Kids In Glass Houses, we get to see them before they break up.

Lastly, I’ve got some quick fire questions for you!

Favourite food?


Drink of choice?

Gin and tonic with a little bit of lime cordial.

Just water it down with a straw.

Dr.Pepper, Cherry Coke.


© Karina Lyburn

Favourite thing about Nottingham?

It’s gonna sound really boring, everything is really accessible, I can get anywhere in Nottingham without a car. We should say something about the caves and the castle. Under rock city there are caves that go all the way upto rescue rooms, it’s a labyrinth down there.

If you could tour with any band at any festival, who would it be and why?

That is an excellent question, I don’t feel that’s quick fire question. It’s essentially choosing your favourite band isn’t it? But they’d bring different things to the table though, different bands. I think just because of who we are and what they did for us back in the day obviously Brand New would be up there, so would Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World.


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Interview by Emma Bott.