INTERVIEW: Modern Baseball – Slam Dunk Festival 2014


Hi, so we’re here at Slam Dunk Festival today, how are you guys doing?

Good. Today’s been cool, yesterday was awesome but we had an overnight drive before to Leeds, we came from Antwerp, so we were all kinda like “uhhhhh”, so that was fun.

Do you guys have to drive or do you have someone who does that for you?

No, we have a driver, she’s the best. It’s kinda like our duty to occupy her, we’ve gotta rally the troops every now and then. For a while we were playing ‘would you rather?’ and we had some really good ‘would you rather’ questions and then for a while we would do the thing where you say one sentence and then they have to ask a thousand questions and figure out the whole story, just dumb boring stuff like that.

So you’re happy to finally be here?

Yeah, it’s awesome.

You guys played earlier on the Atticus stage, how did that go?

Yeah, it was incredible, the reactions were great. I think we had like the best stage management team, yeah it was really cool. We kinda jumped outta the van and then on stage, so yeah it was a little stressful, we get used to it. For this tour we’ve been sharing amps and stuff with Real Friends and they hadn’t got here yet and they had like half of our stuff, but they got here in time and the stage team was awesome.

What are you gonna do after this then? Are you guys going to watch any bands today?

Hangout and watch I Am The Avalanche, Motion City Soundtrack, Zebrahead, You, Me And Everyone I Know and Real Friends.

What about any of the bands who are headlining the stages?

All American Rejects. Since we have three days its nice cause we can like casually see bands, it’s great.

You guys are from Philadelphia in the USA. What is the best and worst thing about living there?

The best is the punk scene, the worst… public transport is not great and our neighbourhood kinda smells like pee.

Are there any local Philly bands you’d recommend?

MariettaThe Hundred Acre Woods, The Weaks, Ma Jolie, Three Man Canon, D & MThe Menzingers, but they’re like famous already (laughs).

So there’s a lot of good local bands?

Yeah it’s cool, there’s a really strong house show scene, so it’s just so easy to say “Hey i’m gonna have a bunch of people over and hangout in my basement, your band can play, your band can play and your band can play” and then that way bands get to play shows, people get to hear them and it’s not like you know begging a promoter to put on a show at a venue. It’s easy for people to just hangout and hear music and get the word out.


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What music do you listen to, when you’re not playing music?

I think we all have common interests, The Menzingers, The Gaslight Anthem. We all have weird ones too, I like a lot of folk music, Ian listens to… I don’t even know what he listens to, Ian listens to some weird shit (laughs). If we’re in the van too long than he’ll just put on some really old jazz.

Isn’t country music really big in america?

We are big fans of ‘Red Solo Cup’ by Toby Keith. Great song! Love that song. You’ve gotta check it out.

Are you guys playing any festivals this summer?

We’re doing Riot Fest in the fall, we’re playing this cool festival in Columbus, Ohio, Fashion Meets Music Festival, so that should be cool. I think like New Found Glory is playing and a bunch of cool bands and yeah that’s it. We’re gonna be in school this summer so.

Oh, really? so you’re actually still at school studying?

Sean just recently graduated but me and Ian go to school in Philadelphia and Brandon goes to one outside of Philly. Me and Ian study music recording so it’s kind of good to stay in college cause it’s relevant and fun but yeah, we like it, it’s cool. We’ve been taking some time off to do tours we’re going back and keeping the balance .

Do you think that it’s essential to have a degree/qualifications if you want to work in the music industry? 

Urm… I feel like for us with music recording, the cool thing is our school has music studios where we can learn hands on, we record our own records, but the reason we know how to do any of that is because we went to school and did that. But the greatest thing about being in a band and getting to travel the world is like making so many different connections and new friends and bands who you could record an album for.

Back to the whole festival thing, what’s been your best festival experience?

We played Fest in Gainesville last October, that was incredible, really sick! We haven’t done a whole lot of festivals, this is pretty new to us.

Do you prefer festivals to shows?

It’s it’s own thing, there’s something about Warped Tour, where you just walk out and there’s a festival smell (laughs). It’s exciting to be there but we couldn’t do this everyday, it’s nice to have them spread out and then do regular touring.

You mentioned Warped Tour, have you ever played it or just been to it?

No, just gone to it.

Would you want to play it?

Yeah, someday.

That’s it, I’m all out of questions. Thanks for taking the time out!



17.09.2014 – The Victoria Inn, Derby

22.09.2014 – Voodoo, Belfast (Ireland)

05.12.2014 – Korova Club, Liverpool


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Interview by Kaori Manz.