INTERVIEW: Palm Reader – Hit The Deck Festival 2014


Today’s line-up is pretty big and impressive, you must be excited to be part of that?

It’s pretty solid. Our stage especially.

Have you managed to catch any bands yet?

We got here like 1 hour and 20 minutes ago.

Are you planning to see anyone later on?

Dead Harts, Baby Godzilla, Bastions, More Than Life. Some people wanna see Brand New, but we’ve got tomorrow as well.

Are you looking forward to your set?


Have you got anything exciting planned for it?

Tu tu’s!

So, do you prefer playing bigger festivals or smaller gigs?

Festivals by far! Just because they’re fucking rad, they’ve got like loads of bands everywhere, everything’s free and yeah they’re just a lot better.

But doesn’t it make the atmosphere a little less intimate?

Yeah, I guess it does, but at festivals we usually play at like 1pm or 2pm o’clock and then you’ve got the whole day to get drunk and watch bands.

Do you have any funny stories from tour?

In Holland last year I broke a certain bands confetti canon, they’re pretty big. Yeah… I got really pissed and broke their confetti canon, it was cool.

Do you get sick of each other or is it all smiles?

It’s all fun n games and in-jokes, we don’t really fall out. We’re one of those bands that if someone pisses you off then you just kind of say it then, or we do that girlfriend thing where it’s like “Are you alright?”… “No it’s fine, its fine don’t worry about it” and it gets a bit shit, but yeah if you get it out in the open sooner then it’s alright.

What makes you guys different from other bands?

We don’t take ourselves seriously and we don’t really give a shit. How we are on stage is definitely how we are as people, instead of some bands which put on a front when they’re in front of cool magazines and cool people and bands and stuff like that.


Do you prefer performing live or the creative side of things?

Performing live by far! it’s two quite divided things, performing live is a lot more fun, but creating music is the reason you start a band to create music and then to play live.

Do you have any guilty pleasures on your iPods?

There are no guilty pleasures. We listen to Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Beyonce.  We’re not ashamed of it.

What are some of your favourite bands at the moment?

Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Beartooth.

What’s coming up for Palm Reader? Any live shows?

We’ve got Sonisphere and 2000trees.

Lastly, anything to say to your fans?

Thank you!


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Interview by Natasha Bird & Sandra Kaczmarek.