Pop punk band, Rat Attack from Exeter sat down with us the other month at Hit The Deck Festival in Bristol where they told us which bands they were looking forward to seeing, a story from one of their European tours about how they nearly died once and they confirmed they will be releasing an album sometime this year.

892640_10153531676305503_291997719_oThe line up at Hit The Deck Festival this year is pretty impressive, so you must be excited to be part of that! Are there any bands who you’re going to make sure you catch?

There’s loads of good bands playing today but only a couple I actually wanna see. Kids In Glass Houses The Blackout.

How did your set go earlier on today?

It was really good despite not having an actual singer and our mate here, Alan standing in. But it was really good, there was loads of people watching us which was surprising. We were just worried that everyone would have like fucked off and gone somewhere else.

Nottingham tomorrow, looking forward to doing it again?

Yeah! I’m feeling positive because whenever we’ve played there before it’s always been really good, so hopefully tomorrow will be.

Do you prefer festivals or your own gigs?

This is too much hassle (laughs), nah this is good. They’re all good, it’s a good variation.

Do you have any funny or strange stories from tour?

How long have you got? (laughs) most of our weirdest stories are from Europe. What about the cliff drive? It was crazy man, yeah we nearly died one time, our sat nav is like the 5th member of our band, without the sat nav we would not be a band 100%. So, one day when we were driving from northern Spain to France, we didn’t want to pay the tolls, so we tried to avoid those roads and went up into the mountains, we pretty much didn’t have traction on the van at all, so it was just sliding around. We were all stressing out but our driver was fine, he’s used to those conditions cause he’s a driving instructor.

Do you guys ever get annoyed at each other or do you all get along?

Personally, I think back in the day we used to get annoyed with each other quite a lot but I think like the last few years we’ve been okay, obviously there’s the odd argument but I think it was worse before. It wouldn’t be healthy with the odd argument, it’s like a relationship. You live in each others pockets for so long there’s bound to be some tension but I think it’s gotten a lot better.

What makes you guys different to other bands that are around at the moment?

We’re not doing anything completely original, we’re just doing what we wanna do. A lot of people catch on and get a label or scene sound, they’re like “Right, we need to be part of that label or that scene”. We’ve admittedly at times in our career, we were like “Oh maybe we need to be a bit more like this or a bit more like this” but every time we try to write in a style that’s not natural, it goes back.

What can people look forward to from Rat Attack this year?

An album. The album is pretty much done, we’re just waiting for a singer to be like “Yeah i’ll sing it”.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

If you know someone who can sing, send them our way and be patient, don’t forget about us!


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26th July – Redfest, Surrey (UK)


Interview by Natasha Bird.