We caught up with Eddie & Teppei from Thrice earlier this year to talk about their plans for the future.

How are you enjoying the festival so far?

We’re tired. We just rolled in like an hour ago. We were in Nottingham last night so it was kind of a far trek to get here.

Oh, no way! IKE is from Nottingham. So, what is your favourite thing to do off stage?

Just hang out with my kids really

I like hanging out with your kids too

Yeah they’re pretty cool.

What do they like to do?

Well they’re boys. I have three boys so they like anything and everything boy like. Skateboarding, Lego.

What about you Ed?

Pretty much making stuff. Teppei would probably share this. Like anything and everything, like I can make guitars and build things for my house and stuff like that.

Do you ever get upset if things go wrong?

I get depressed if I mess it up. But it’s like music too, it’s the sense of achievement and exploring and figuring things out.

I feel like we should hook up you with In Hearts Wake because they were interested in making ecologically sound guitars but they don’t have the money to do it.

Oh, really? Interesting.

They’re also doing these beach clean ups while out on tour.

Who is this?

They’re a band from Australia.

They should do oil finishes in bamboo guitars, honestly. Bamboo grows so fast. It’s really good but then people might argue that doesn’t sound good but I think that’s B-S, like honestly.

And you can eat it!

How do you feel about your music video for ‘Hurricane’?

Oh, hurricane!

I forgot we even did that

How do we feel about it? I wonder if that means you didn’t like it. urm.. it’s dramatic.

I feel like that’s a video which we had the least involvement in cause we weren’t in it at all and so the people that wrote the treatment kinda just pitched the treatment and the people that did that video did the ‘Black Honey’ video and so with that it kinda made sense and we just kinda let them do their thing.

Yeah they tied some things together and we were like that sounds cool.

So we saw it for the first time not long before we released it we just kinda gave them some editing suggestions and whatever, some stuff we wanted to see and then it was out.

What story do the two videos portray?

I think it’s one of those things where it’s somewhat open to interpretation and I think that’s kinda cool you know?

It’s not super literal like we didnt wanna have like every lyric be the exact thing that’s on screen and so.

Whatever meaning you give to it man.

Will you ever play ‘Sea Change’ live?


I dunno we’ve done B-sides in the past. We’re actually just talking about playing a B-side that we did from our album ‘Beggars’.

‘Sea Change’ would probably come out differently than it sounds on the record just because of the way that the song was built it was pretty pieced together in the studio

But yeah it would be fun, I like that song.

On the 7 inch record you released for ‘Sea Change’ you got the charity Climate Central involved. How did you hear about them?

I’m not sure, it might have been Dustin.

Whats going on with the earth is pretty crazy and what people don’t think is going on, some people don’t believe it is pretty wacky so I think it’s cool to be part of something that we believe in.

And also it’s kind of interesting because we released it for earth day it just all kind of made sense you know, but we didn’t release that earth day, was the same day as record store day so then it was like the most perfect line up for releasing this limited 7 inch to record stores on record store day and earth day.

Not planned but it was actually super perfect.

Do you think you’ll do something like that again?


We’ve done it a lot in the past. It’s a little bit difficult specifically using records because records don’t sell the way they used to. The first label that we were on they used to do a profit split with us so we’d put out a record, chose a charity for that record and split a percentage of it going to the charity for the life of the sales of the record. I’d love to be able to continue to do that but it’s hard so I think now we’re working more on specific tinier projects.

Would you consider doing a tour where you play your album ‘Vheissu’ in its entirety?

I think we could consider it, I don’t know if we can promise it.

I dont think it would be a bad thing it’s just so hard cause we have a hundred something songs. It’s really hard to make a setlist in general. I really like that record, I think it was an important record for us. We were part of a sound before that when  ‘The Artists In The Ambulance’ came out people were putting us together with a lot of different bands who were doing what they were calling ‘screamo’ at the time. And then we put out ‘Vheissu’ and it felt kind of punk, at least to me, I was like yeah we’re not like all those other bands.

How do you feel about being such a big inspiration to other bands?

I think it’s awesome, I mean Deftones are playing, we’re influenced by them and I think that’s one of the coolest things about touring and being a working band, seeings bands and meeting bands, learning about them or watching them and pulling that into how you’re influenced.

Even like when you play a show or you tour with a band and you’re like what are you listening to right now and it’s a totally different way to get music like other than your own bubble of friends. It’s really positive and that’s awesome. It feels weird cause we’re just throwing songs together and doing what we can and if people enjoy that, that’s amazing and it’s really cool if musicians enjoy it too because I feel like we see music differently to somebody that might just listen to music.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Oh, shoot. That’s a big one

Yeah I dont know. I mean, I don’t know if anybody has ever told me this specifically but just always doing things from your heart. It sounds super cheesey but I think you’ve gotta do things cause you believe in it and I think if anything else it’s kinda disingenuine.

Don’t do something for somebody else.

It sounds like an obvious thing but I think it’s always a good reminder to hear. Just do things cause you care about it and cause you love it. I think that’s the root of everything that’s good.

Interview by Kaori Manz and Hannah Smith.