a few months back we had the opportunity to speak to Jesse Barnett from ‘trade wind’.

The band started in 2013, do you feel like your sound has changed over the past four years?

Me and Tom both come from different bands and those other bands are our main bands and so even though we started in 2013, Trade Wind is like a thing where it’s like “okay you’ve got time alright lets go to try and do this” like our first EP we recorded it in four days and our full length record we just did, we recorded it in five days.

So, because that’s literally all the time we have, we’ve just got to go and do it! and then it’s done and you’re like what the fuck!? So, yeah I would say it’s changed cause we’re still figuring out who we are, we know generally the kind of music we want to play, but what’s cool about this project is the fact it’s not our main thing. We can be a reggae band on the next record and we don’t care you know what I mean?

What was the initial motivation behind you wanting to do a side project?

Just because I like other things and also I think when we first released the EP, because people only identified me with STYG right? because that’s all I had, people were really taken back because they didn’t realise I was capable of something else. So, that was kind of cool to show people I’m not just this guy who screams into a mic, I can do other things too. I think that’s why we got a good amount of hype around us and the show was awesome.

So, STYG are playing at Groezrock this year as well, are you playing two different sets?

I play twice today and twice tomorrow and I’m tour managing Trade Wind, so I’m running around all day plus I have interviews with STYG and TW.

Do you really enjoy the time you spend in the studio recording music for Trade Wind because it’s such a different genre to STYG?

Absolutely! STYG has been a band since 2003 and if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t do it anymore, but there are certain boundaries when you call yourself a hardcore/metalcore band, the ceiling is relatively low, even at the highest point.

Whereas in Trade Wind if I wanna pick up a fucking kazoo and start playing that or a bongo drum, we can do whatever the fuck we want so that’s what’s exciting, the only thing that sucks about recording with Trade Wind is like I said, there’s such a small amount of time because Tom is married too so that’s another full time thing, I don’t wanna call it a job but you know what I mean, time needs to be dedicated to that as well.

Its amazing how long it’s gone on for!

Well in that time we haven’t done a lot, even though it has been that long its really only been like two years.

Are you hoping to parallel the success that you had with STYG?

I’d love to reach those peaks, I just don’t wanna use STYG as a trampoline. I don’t view Trade Wind as a side project because I feel the songs are strong and the records are good and it has legs of its own to walk on, that it doesn’t need STYG unfortunately for me, not even unfortunately its just people are always going to identify me with that. Granted there are people now that aren’t familiar with STYG.

Yeah, I actually had no idea the first time I listened to your music, so when I found out I was slightly surprised.

See that to me is the most rewarding thing because that’s what I want. I don’t want someone to look at Trade Wind with a predisposition based on me and Tom. I don’t want someone to like it because of me and I don’t want anyone to hate it because of me.

Do you have any new material in the works?

We have some ideas and we’re definitely going to work on a new record hopefully by the end of this year and put it out next year. Definitely a new record is coming in 2018 but it’s also one of those things too where I want to get together with the guys and decide if we’re gonna do a new record I wanna make sure if everyone is still down to tour.

When I say “the guys” I really mean Tom because the other two guys have more availability than Tom and I. Tom is kind of like “I don’t know if I can tour anymore with Trade Wind and I don’t wanna do another record cause to me it’s like I don’t wanna say there’s no point, but what is the point right?

How long have you and Tom know each other?

I’ve known Tom for so long we run a record label together, we manage bands in the same management company, we are in a band together, both of our bands have toured together multiple times. We’re attached at the hip!

Do you still remember the first time you met him?

No, it’s been so long. It was so long ago! He just showed up one day.

So, here’s a very simple question – quality or quantity?

Obviously I’m gonna say quality but what I’m most impressed by is when artists have both, when they have the quality and then they have eight records that are nearly all amazing.Obviously every band is going to throw out a dud every once in a while but then you get a band like Radiohead who’s just been perfect from the beginning to now and that’s amazing!

It’s hard you know, so many bands put out an insane record and then just disappear and the people are like this band is my favourite band of all time and it’s weird to say because it’s like they haven’t been tested.

Really any band can put out one good record, it’s following it up and following it up cause every time you put out a new record there’s even more pressure and cause there’s even more pressure you can’t blow it up or everyone’s like “look they suck now!”.

You can spend ten years getting to this point and then in six months you can explode the whole thing.

That is so true! and with social media it’s crazy right now.

Yeah I know what you mean. If I do look at it and people shit talk I tend to get a bit tongue in cheek with it. You’re a critic, if you could you would be in a band but you can’t even do that so it’s like you can’t talk really.

One last question – do you have a song or a lyric you’re proud or embarrassed of?

So many that I’m embarrassed of! I started STYG when I was fifteen years old and I’m about to turn thirty this year, so when I look back at those lyrics I’m like I’m guilty of being a kid that’s it really and yeah there are definitely some I’m proud of and I definitely get more proud of some lyrics where I think they’re okay but other guys in my band are like “that’s so sick!” and impressing them I’m like fuck yeah!


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Interview by Kaori Manz & Hannah Smith.