INTERVIEW: Ugly Love – Takedown Festival 2014


Today’s line up here at Takedown Festival is pretty impressive, it must be cool to be part of that?

Yeah, its amazing. It’s really cool. I mean the bands on the line up are ones we grew up listening to, like Funeral For A Friend. I saw Dave McPherson from InMe walking around earlier and he walked right past me while I was having a cigarette earlier, that was cool. Jamie Lenman as well, I’m a massive Reuben fan, I’ve got to meet him at some point. I’m gonna stalk the fuck out of him. Yeah the best thing is we get to play with our mates’ bands.

What can people expect when they come to see Ugly Love’s live set?

Chaos, a lot of fun, a lot of sexiness. Yeah our shows are absolutely mad. We wanna be the most fun band in the UK and I think we’re doing pretty well.

Do you prefer to play your own shows or do you like playing festivals?

This is our first ever festival we’ve ever done. Yeah we’re virgins (laughs). It’s cool yeah, we haven’t had the chance to get a drink in yet, but its mad, like 300 people. We were so excited about coming today, we almost forgot we had to play.

You’re quite a unique act. Where do you get your musical inspiration from?

Thank you! Urm, its not necessarily music, it’s life experiences. I mean we’re a rock band at the end of the day but it’s more about capturing a vibe. We usually write a song after a night out or a situation. A band’s job is to bring the mood up and that’s what we do.

When you’re choosing your setlist, how do you chose the songs you play?

We play everything we’ve ever written, cause we wouldn’t write it if we didn’t like it. There’s a few that make people go mental, the catchy songs. Our audience is always so loud.

If you could tour with any band, who would it be?

Charles & Eddie (who are well known for their hit song ‘Would I Lie To You’),  Craig David and DJ Luck & MC Neat. Yeah we got kicked out of a venue early last night cause DJ Luck & MC Neat were playing there after us.

Are there any aspects of being in a band that you don’t enjoy?

Nope, none these bands that moan about “Oh it’s such hard work”, its like fuck off. We’ve got this thing , as soon as it stops being fun, we don’t do it. I say this all the time, you can push the band to be as big as you can but it means nothing if you’re not enjoying it. I mean sometimes we do sets and they don’t go as well as we can hope, and that’s just the way it goes, but do we have a good time not just on stage, but did we have a good night? And that’s what counts. It’s what we love, it’s the most fun. Our band’s awesome and god bless our driver and drummer. Yeah we played a club last week in London and I was sick out of the van window.

Are there any venues or festivals you have your heart set on playing?

Yeah, like I said we’re all about having fun but we want to take it to Hollywood. We wanna like make a movie, but I don’t want it to be like a 3D documentary style, I want it to be proper Spice World style.

What are your personal favourite artists?

Brandy and Monica, DJ Luck & MC Neat, Charles & Eddie.


What have you guys got planned for the rest of the year?

We’re touring in April which is our first UK tour which is cool and lots and lots of gigs.

Looking forward to getting on the road?

Yeah absolutely, its cool. We’re getting into the swing of it.

Any future releases we should look forward to?

We’re writing at the moment, we’ll see what happens. We have no plans to release anything yet. Just to write something is exciting.

Anything else you want to say to the fans?

No, absolutely nothing (laughs). We hate you all you’re all a bunch of bastards (laughs). Nah, I love you all. Urm… drink lots of milk! It’s full of calcium and don’t take sweets from strangers. Never trust a man with a pocket full of Haribo.

Interview by Natasha Bird.


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