How did the band originally form?

After the split of my former band I wanted to do something vocal oriented. I asked some friends and singers I met during the years, and what started as a project became the world’s first metal, a cappella band.

Describe your music in 3 words.

Hero, Metal, A-Cappella.

Your sound and line-up is very unique to other bands. Where did the idea come from to imitate instruments with your voices?

It wasn’t planned to be pure a cappella in the beginning. The more singers joined the project the better the recorded result sounded. So we decided to keep it just vocals and drums.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Van Canto, what song would you recommend they should listen to?


The new album ‘Dawn Of The Brave’ was released in February. How does this differ from your previous albums?

Hmm, I don’t know, haha. I can’t even remember the release dates of the previous releases. We don’t care too much, it’s important for us that the album release fits with our tour plans.

How was it working with Charlie Bauerfeind and Ronald Prent on the new album?

We know Charlie since his production of our 2nd album ‘Hero’. After that, he has always been responsible for the drum recordings. He is a great guy with a huge musical understanding and did a great job.

With Ronald it was the first time and of course it’s great to work with somebody who has such a wide range of productions. He did a fantastic job, and I learned a lot during the mixing session.

The album consists of compositions and also new covers with one being ‘Into the West’ by Annie Lennox from the soundtrack for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

Was there pressure in recording this as you knew it would be used in such a franchise like Lord of the rings or was it just like recording an original song?

I wouldn’t call it pressure, but it’s always important for us to somehow keep up with the originals because these are just great compositions. For ‘Into The West’ I can tell that for us it really felt like it was meant to be performed a cappella, so it was a quite easy thing to do.

How would you describe a Van Canto live show?

Our fans describe it as very powerful, enthuthiastic, and much more metal than they had expected before.


Supporting you on the ‘Tour Of The Brave’ were Winterstorm. How was that overall and do you have any interesting stories from tour that you could share with us?

They were a great choice and did a great job. A lot of Van Canto fans told us that they really liked this opening act. We had a lot of great moments and a good time, but it’s hard to write it down.
If you came up with the ultimate tour line-up, who would you include?

Van Canto, Blind Guardian, Sabaton.

What is the best show you’ve played so far?

Always the last show we played, haha. Seriously, there were many great shows. Moscow and Munich on the last tour, our Wacken show in 2011, our show with Blind Guardian in Düsseldorf, many of them!
What are your plans for the rest of 2014?

Our European tour is over. We will have some great festivals, like Wacken or the Sabaton Festival in Sweden and perhaps play some more club shows at the end of the year.
What songs would you like to cover in a capella in the future?

There is no master plan concerning future covers, so we will decide as soon as a new album is about to be produced.

Any final words for your fans?

Thanks for your interest in Van Canto. Rakkatakka!

Interview by Sarah Akomanyi.


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