INTERVIEW: Vukovi – Redfest 2014

The scottish rockers, Vukovi met up with us at Redfest for a quick chat about how the festival season has been treating them so far, what the best and worst thing about living in Scotland is and they tell us they’re currently in talks about signing a record deal.


When did you guys arrive here at Redfest?

Well we failed miserably, we were meant to stay in a hotel about an hour away and we were driving down yesterday and we were like “Yeah we’ve got plenty of time” and we got stuck in a road closure of the M6 for 5 hours yesterday! So we spent 13 hours in the van.

How long is the drive usually?

It took us 12 hours to get here and it should have taken half the time.

Did you guys manage to get any sleep last night then?

We got an hour to an hour and a half each, so we’re all pretty tired.

Who drives? Do you have a driver?

No, we all take turns.

Have you guys ever had an accident?

Well… it was like a bump. We were probably going about 2-3mph.

I saw not long ago you guys played a gig where the roof caved in. How did that happen?

We were playing at a really old venue and we were sound checking and saw people scurrying around going “Part of the ceilings fallen down”. You could see the sky and stars, it was fucking crazy!

How did the band originally form?

We formed about 4 years ago. We used to play in another band together but with the old singer it wasn’t working out. Janine came on board and ever since then it’s been pretty tight really.

Do you guys all live together in like a band house?

Nahhhhh, we would not be a band!

Have any of you got bad habits?

The worst habit we all have is terrible terrible chat. The sound engineers in the studio just hate us, they just get so fed up.

How would you describe your genre in 3 words?

Heavy, pop, riff, rock.

If your band had a motto what would it be?

We’re cursed!

The only was is up (laughs).

Yeah we have a lot of bad luck. We got a new manager recently and we’re meant to be meeting him on Monday but basically he broke his leg so… welcome to the band! We should probably stop talking about it or maybe we’ll get striked by lightning, oh god.

Eminem has been struck by lightning three times and he’s still alive. First time it happened and then he went back to the same place to sort of re-visit it and he got struck in the same place again. That’s why he always sings about why he shouldn’t be here.

See, this is a fine example of our really bad chat. Next question!

What is the best and worst thing about living in Scotland?

I think the weather is really annoyingly inconsistent.

Yeah your wardrobe is all over the place. Just dunno what to wear one day.

To be honest I love Glasgow.

I love Glasgow as well but the inconsistency, it’s fucking too hot one day and then it’ll rain like this and it does it a lot.

The general atmosphere around Glasgow is excellent. Its really friendly, there are some unsavoury people floating about that are on drugs or drink, they’re even kinda funny and they’re not really gonna do you any harm.


Are there any bands you’re looking forward to?

The LaFontaines, Jaws, Skindred. We were playing at Hard Rock Calling Festival and they were playing the pepsi max stage while we were playing this tiny little band stand and were like “1, 2, 3…” and they were like “Grrrr!!!” we didn’t stand a chance.

Hows the festival season been treating you so far?

Very damn well. I really enjoyed today, I thought that was awesome, we’re doing Strawberry Fields as well next month, in two weeks. We’re opening the main stage at that as well, so it should be cool and then after that we’re playing a sports festival. Do you know Fatherson? They’re headlining it. We played some other shows back in April, like Hit The Deck festival and hyde park, Live At Leeds but that’s it at the moment.

Whats your favourite festival moment?

T In The Park. The two days at Hit The Deck festival were pretty funny. Janine just decided to go mental and she divebombed into the drum kit and on the first occasion she actually got a guy who was on his stag do to come and play Colin’s drums. It was really random.

Have you got any upcoming tours/releases?

We’ve got a release which is hopefully getting sorted today, so hopefully we’ll have a single out soon. We’ve got new additions to our team, the new manager. We’ve not been doing a lot just a few gigs here and there but in the background a lot has been going on, a lot of shuffling around so we have the best team to move forward with and we’re getting there. We’re nearly there. We recorded tons of songs last year and just never got the chance to do what we wanted to do with them. We need to get some stuff out through a label. We played some of the best shows in the past two years as well, I mean today’s particularly been really fun.

So you’re unsigned atm, are you going to look into a record label?

Hopefully that’s part of the shuffling at the moment.

Okay, cause I know some bands like to keep things DIY.

We have done for four years now, its not worth signing your life away to someone who’s not gonna do the right things for you. The key thing is to get the right team behind you.

Random question, did you guys watch the world cup?

Yes, I bet on Germany to win and they won. I only got 35 quid back. It must have been shite odds. I just had a feeling.

It didn’t really bother me I just like Messi.

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Interview by Kaori Manz.