LIVE: Bury Tomorrow, Hands Like Houses, In Hearts Wake & Slaves @ Academy 2, Manchester

Bury Tomorrow are one of the UK’s most loved metalcore bands and prove it by being able to headline a 900 capacity venue in the heart of Manchester. Bringing with them some of the most talked about bands of this year, this tour was bound to be a success.

Opening the show is one of Sacramento’s finest rock bands Slaves (US). Fronted by Johnny Craig, they were always going to be a great act top open for Bury Tomorrow. With a stack of successful bands in his past featuring Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance and Isles & Glaciers, there was doubt that Slaves weren’t going to be exceptional. Everyone knows Johnny Craig has an unreal amount of talent in whatever he does, and by being the frontman of Slaves, it just intensifies it. His vocals are second to none and I can’t wait to see what they do in the near future.

All photography is credited to Chris Clough.

Slaves 03

Slaves 01


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The next band on stage was one whom I had never heard of before, In Hearts Wake flew over to the United Kingdom from Byron Bay, Australia genuinely captured my attention straight away. Filling the room with circle pits, crowdsurfing and wall of deaths from the first song in, there was no doubt that this hardcore quintet were going to be something special. Similar to Bury Tomorrow, they have two vocalists, one screamer and one clean vocalist. With the release of their current album ‘Earthwalker’, In Hearts Wake were able to play some new songs live, making the crowd go wild. The vocalist Jake Taylor looked pretty proud as to what they achieved here tonight, as it’s been a while since they’ve been on UK soil.

In Hearts Wake 03

In Hearts Wake 01


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Hands Like Houses are a band who have become recognisable in the UK over the past few months, so I was intrigued as to what they were going to be like. Also being from Austrailia, I had a good feeling about them. Even though they were more danceable than the rest of the bands on the bill, they still got the crowd going like no one else. At first, I wasn’t too sure about Trenton Woodley’s vocals but the more I listened to them, the more I loved them; even though sometimes they were a little bit restricted and strained. There was a beautiful contrast between the full band & vocals with guitar throughout the set; enough for most of the crowd to fall in love with them.

HLH 02

HLH 01


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Bury Tomorrow have come a long way since they started out in 2006. I first saw them live when they supported While She Sleeps in 2011 and now they’re headlining one of Manchesters best loved venues – an impressive thing to achieve in the space of three short years. Before they even took to the stage, a circle pit opened up in the middle of the floor. Opening up with ‘Man On Fire’, the first single from their latest album ‘Runes’, you could tell this this was the band the crowd were saving their energy for; there was crowdsurfing, circle pits and general rowdiness from the off. Next up ‘Royal Blood’, a song which is one of my favourites was an absolute pleasure to hear again. It shows that Bury Tomorrow just get better and better every time that I manage to see them, there’s no wonder that they’ve come this far in such a short space of time. Jason Cameron’s vocals are always exceptionally flawless and tonight was no difference. His pitch and tone is something that puts goosebumps up my arms.

BT 01

Bury Tomorrow should be proud of the fan base that they have acquired. Being able to have over 900 people singing back metalcore songs is something terribly hard to do. On songs such as ‘An Honourable Reign’, ‘Royal Blood’ and ‘Anything With Teeth’, the sing-a-long’s deafened the room. Their new album ‘Runes’ was a significant game changer in rock music. It managed to achieve its place in the UK’s top 40 albums, which was definitely ‘a big fuck you to Simon Cowell’. The fans have stuck with them ever since they released their first album ‘Portraits’ in 2009 and it clearly shows with the added craziness for ‘Her Bones In The Sand’, ‘Anything With Teeth’ and ‘You & I’.

BT 03

‘Sceptres’ being one of the heaviest songs that Bury Tomorrow have written, managed to get a circle pit from wall to wall. Dani Winter-Bates’ vocals filled the room and the riffs and melodic licks accompanied him. To end the night, Bury Tomorrow played their most loved single ‘Lionheart’. Every note, every beat and every lyrics was played such passion that their performance was phenomenal.

BT 02


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Man On Fire

Royal Blood

Our Gift

An Honourable Reign

Garden Of Thorns

Anything With Teeth

Knight Life

Her Bones In The Sand

The Torch



of Glory

You & I



Written by Nikki Limbrick.

All photography is credited to Chris Clough.