LIVE: Natives @ Red Rooms, Nottingham

The Deaf Institute is always a venue where you never know what to expect. Sometimes it’s quiet and sometimes it’s extremely busy. Luckily for Natives, the venue was packed from when the doors opened.


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The band that everyone was waiting for took to the stage. As pop rock bands are becoming more prominent, Natives have managed to leave their mark on the music industry. It is unusual for a Deaf Institute gig to be busy, let alone possibly sold out, but Natives have managed exactly that.



The quintet, originally from The New Forest, U.K, are a mixture of pop, rock and punk, with songs filled with catchy chorus’ and memorable guitar riffs. With the release of their debut album ‘Indoor War’ on January 21st, Natives have gained a following. The audience participated in crowd sing-a-longs, knowing every single word. During the opening numbers, each member of the band all started playing a form of drum, showing off their musicianship.



With a dance pit going off at the front during the song ‘Ghosts’, Natives put on a show to remember. The charismatic frontman, Jim Thomas, is so enthusiastic about live music and what they do. Not just for themselves, but for other people, that he said ‘do what’s in your heart and follow your dreams’ – as this is what got him where he is today.



Playing crowd favourites for the rest of the night including ‘Can’t Say No’, ‘Let Go’, ‘The Island’ and ‘Stand For Something’, creating pure summer vibes which leave you dancing.




Bleach Blood

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Photography by Rob Rutley (Untraditional Productions)