Having released a deluxe edition of their hit album ‘Restoring Force’, Of Mice And Men bought new tracks and carnage for their fans for their UK tour. Bringing alongside them were Volumes and The Amity Affliction.

Upon arrival to the venue the queue for this, surprisingly not sold out, show was as far as the eye could see. There were dedicated hard-core fans that were waiting outside the venue in the cold wet weather for hours, just to be sure they would get a good spot by the barrier in the crowd.

Starting the show off with ‘The Mixture’ was LA band Volumes. Fans in the crowd were having a great time singing along with this track although it was difficult for them to head bang and mosh to as it kept breaking down in random places. Michael Barr (vocalist) was given the chance to showcase his vocal skills in the track ‘Erased’. With songs ‘Edge of the Earth’ and ‘Wormholes’, the crowd were able to go insane and make the pits that they were iching to do. The band performed and engaged with the crowd to the extent that they you could see they wanted more.

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Up next on the stage were Australian band, The Amity Affliction. With the crowd already pumped up from previous band Volumes, but also with metal core band Bring Me The Horizon’s Sempiternal playing through the PA system just moments before, The Amity Affliction did not disappoint. Opening with ‘Pittsburgh’ they show case what their sound is right away. With catchy choruses and breakdowns in their songs the Australian band show the crowd who they are and what they are made of. There were a few problems with the band performing live with clean vocalist/bassist, Ahren Stringer struggling to hit the notes leaving unclean vocalist Joel Birch to help with pick up. With the energy still high in the crowd, a circle pit was called for the beginning of the song ‘Death’s Hand’. Introducing a “dance song” the band started playing ‘Never Alone’ which you would expect to be a softer song given the track title, but you’d be wrong. The heaviest breakdown of the entire set starts off and the crowd goes insane. Playing their catchiest track last of their set, The Amity Affliction play ‘Don’t Lean On Me’. Playing this song last was good for them as it got the crowd singing along.

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With the two opening acts done, the only band left to play were the one the crowd had been waiting for, Of Mice And Men. With sweaty bodies everywhere and a humid venue, the suspense for Of Mice and Men is high. In the PA systems now A Day To Remember’s ‘Homesick’ album is being played in its entirety, causing the fans and even the security guard to sing along and jump and head bang.

Of Mice and Men open their set with ‘Public Service Announcement’ where unclean vocalist Austin Carlile walks on stage with dim lighting hiding him singing “you all have something to say, and something to ask, I don’t live in a cage” however when he sings “It’s none of your business” the rest of the band come on stage and the break down kicks in causing the crowd to go crazy, jumping and screaming the lyrics.

‘Broken Generation’ one of the new songs off the deluxe album is played, where a punkier sound is performed rather than the usual throatier heavier sound the band has. Alongside this song the lightshow was a strobe effect spanning everywhere, creating a trippy light effect.

Carlile tells the fans “It feels good to be back in the United Kingdom” with them responding back with screams and cheers. The loud fast paced songs played throughout the venue creating rock hands, the fans followed and listened to everything the singer had to say, at one point lighters were raised and hands were clapping along.

‘Bones Exposed’ and ‘Feels Like Forever’, two fan favourites were played with some blue lighting and alongside ‘Another You’ that is a much slower song and is great for the band to take a breath of air, which if you think about it while playing ‘You Make Me Sick’ Carlile has to belt out an 18 second scream without taking a breath is really impressive!

The band takes a break in their set to appreciate each member, and announce it being lead guitarist’s Philip Manansala’s 27th birthday at midnight. With tracks such as ‘Identity Disorder’ the band play and tell the fans how privileged they are to have such a huge and incredible fan base in the UK.

Finishing and walking off stage, the crowd scream and chant “We want more!”, the band is back on stage and Austin Carlile gets the audience as low on the ground as possible and telling them to wait till he tells the to get up and jump when the next song ‘The Depths’ start. They end the show with ‘You’re Not Alone’, giving the audience the final song of the show until the next time they visit the UK.

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Public Service Announcement

Glass Hearts
Broken Generation
O.G. Loko
Let Live
You Make Me Sick
This One’s for You
Feels Like Forever
Bones Exposed
Would You Still Be There
Another You
Identity Disorder
Second & Sebring

— Encore —

The Depths
You’re Not Alone
PHOTO CREDIT: Adam Elmakias