LIVE REVIEW: Citizen, Diamond Youth & Headroom @ The Flapper, Birmingham

Despite the sun and large amount of drinking, on Tuesday Birmingham’s The Flapper was demolished by emo-grunge hybrids Citizen, as they brought their unique energy to one of the midlands most exciting venues.

First up were Headroom, whose 90’s-tinged emo went down a storm, with a surprising contingent of the crowd singing along. Straight from the off the crowd got straight into the four piece, whose unusually distinctive appearance amongst a sea of fringes and skinny jeans only heightened intrigue. ‘Outside’ was a set highlight and the band closed with the eponymously titled ‘Headroom’ triumphantly.


After a short break, and with the crowd even drunker, Diamond Youth took to the stage. Opening with ‘Sunburn’, an older track, the band hit full speed within seconds. Made of members from heavier bands such as hardcore outfits Trapped Under Ice and Down To Nothing, the members may soon find themselves with two hugely popular bands each on their hands. Reminiscent of bands such as Weezer, Diamond Youth are a band going places fast. Closing with ‘Cannonball’, from 2013’s ‘Orange EP’, Diamond Youth leave the crowd wanting more.


As the sun sets over the canal, Ohio’s newest and best emo band, Citizen, take the reigns. Opening with a pounding rendition of ‘Roam The Room’, the room, well, explodes. Within seconds a pit has opened and barely a minute into the set we have stage divers jumping from the speakers. The band truly smash it out of the park, and a run through of ‘Young States’ has people holding onto the ceiling beams and a shoe flying out from the pit. The peak of the set has them playing three tracks from their debut album Youth in order, ‘Sleep’, followed by ‘How Does It Feel’ and ‘The Night I Drove Alone’. During ‘The Summer’, a crowd member gets up on stage to scream along with singer Mat Kerekes, who looks taken by surprise by the huge reaction all night. Closing with ‘I’m Sick Of Waiting’ due to crowd demand, the room is covered in sweat and alcohol, and there’s not a doubt from anyone here that Citizen are one of the best bands to come from the scene in a very long time.



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Written by Sam Cowen.