LIVE REVIEW: Counterfeit @ o2 Academy, Birmingham

Counterfeit, Tigress and Faux were the three bands that graced the stage of Birmingham’s O2 Academy, room 3 on Sunday 23rd April which meant the crowd were in for a great show.

Making waves with the Birmingham crowd Faux were first on stage. A band that provides chilled out moments, moments not of distraction but of calm thoughts and thoughtful lyrics. The Sunday morning vibes that everyone pretty much feels, half of relaxation and the other half of wanting to start the day productively. That was Faux.

A number of their tracks included ‘Hot Headed’, ‘Swimming’ and ‘Inhale’. The continuous idea of personally being able to visualise the lyrics as a story was pleasing and telling a narrative through a powerful tool such as music would unite anyone. ‘Inhale’ saw the chanting of the lyrics ‘We won’t let it slip, let it slip no’. There was a lot of passion translated through their set and the audience were giving 100% of that passion back to the band.

There was a uniqueness to Faux as they were not as explosive initially as Tigress and Counterfeit, which is not a negative, but they were able to capture the attention of the audience, leaving them wanting more and applauding their set as they concluding with the final track.

Energy was emitted prior to their set as the excitement of the night was portrayed as Tigress bounced on stage, welcoming their audience and making their entrance with the track, ‘Alive’. A memorable first few minutes with the anthemic single, soaring vocals of singer, Katy Jackson.

When you can see the relationship between the band emit on stage, then you know this is a band that will be around for a while. Making for a good show, Tigress interacted with the crowd and gave it their all. ‘Give Me A Chance’ started off slow and certainly built up as it reached the chorus, with punchy vocals and instrumentals, calling for raised first in the air throughout the chorus. Its not everyday that you feel live you’ve seen a band live before through the stage presence emitted and their potential, even though you haven’t. with this in mind, Tigress are ones to watch out for this year. Like many of their other tracks performed, ‘Miracle’ showed a relatability factor as the chorus emotionally states “I’m waiting for a miracle, a miracle. But nothing ever goes my way”.

Gracing the stage positively and closing their set in the same fashion, Tigress thanked the Birmingham crowd for taking the time to watch them perform and acknowledged a similarity that everyone in the room held, no matter their race or what they looked like, which was to see Counterfeit perform.

No matter whether you are a headline band or supporting, putting on a good show is key and this is just what Tigress showed.

An experience to say the least. Those shows that you leave, knowing that it will most certainly be one to remember for many reasons. Nothing less than a passionate, explosive, interactive and memorable set.

‘Washed Out’ kicked off Counterfeit’s introduction to the Birmingham crowd. Exploding on stage, leaving an energetic first impression on people seeing them for the first time; but definitely not their last. With energy emitting throughout and angst, there was nothing but lyrics that translated with the listener and commitment.

Following this were songs including ‘As Yet Untitled’, ‘Romeo’ and ‘You Can’t Rely’. Dedicating a song to a friend, Ivan, who sadly took his own life, with a mic and guitar, ‘Letter To The Lost’ was performed. “It’s been a little while now, since I last saw your face, and I’m hoping that in death, that you have found a better place”. With this, came the attention towards the charity, CALM, which raised awareness to the prevention of male suicide.

The continuous guitar riffs, heavy drum beats and explosive vocals, ‘Come Get Some’ was a crowd favourite, with the singing back of the verses through to the chorus, audience interaction was everything. The venue provided an intimate setting, being able to see each and every facial expression; from pure excitement, positivity to amazement, as Jamie began jumping on the barrier and holding onto the lighting rig and walking (literally) on the crowd with their support to hold him up.

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‘Enough’ was the closing track to conclude the night. Entering the crowd for the last time, phones were out ready to capture the energy and the chanting of the audience as the chorus ‘Let us live, let us love, let us show that enough is enough’ is sung. A good show does not always require flashing lights and theatrics, which is what Sam (guitar), Tristan (guitar), Rowland (bass), Jamie (vocals) and Jimmy (Drums) showed. If the qualities of putting on a great show, interacting with the crowd and giving it there all, then that’s what the Birmingham crowd got from Counterfeit.

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Review written by: Sarah Akomanyi
Photo credit: Samia Mirza