LIVE REVIEW: MALLORY KNOX @ o2 Institute, Birmingham

The talent that enhanced the o2 institute Birmingham’s main auditorium was depicted by the appreciation of the crowd, through the singing back of lyrics, crowd interaction, participation and the numerous attempted and accomplished crowd surfers.

Hailing from Scotland, Fatherson were first to give the crowd a glimmer of what was to come. From honest lyrics that can be fitting to a soundtrack of our lives from vocalist Ross Leighton, through to the energetic and contagious energy of bassist Marc Strain and drummer Greg Walkinshaw. Presenting a Sunday morning chilled- out vibe on stage; with a positive energy. Tracks including ‘Always’, ‘Lost Little Boys’ and ‘Hometown’ filled the packed room of enthusiastic fans, showcasing the band’s music ability, morality and leaving a mark for the rest of the night.

It is evidential of the correlation between these three bands that performed during the night. The expressive vocal range, the enthusiasm shown on stage via all bands, meaningful lyrics and the appreciation shown from the fans.

Lonely The Brave graced the crowd with the anthemic tracks, ‘Back Roads’ and ‘The Blue The Green’ bringing the energy up within the room, even more than before. Who knew that was possible? The track was one that saw the front row and beyond sing every word, passionately, the lyrics, ‘I’ll be the sky and you’d be the bird’ and ‘I wanna know what it’s like, so I can feel it inside’. Those songs that make you feel something, The idea of hope and striving to be your best and getting to where you want to be. An element of life that’s something to live by. The music spoke for itself and that was all that was needed.

It can only be said that Lonely The Brave showed pride, emotion and relatability within their set and a commitment to live music that needs replicating at every show possible.

What Mallory Knox provided the Birmingham crowd was a performance with exceptional ease, passion and admiration. Kicking it off with the tracks, ‘Giving It Up’ and ‘Getaway’. As the band are now armed with their new album ‘Wired’, tracks including ‘Falling In Love’ and ‘California’ were accepted by the fans as if they were from the band’s debut album; singing back every lyric with strength and confidence; just like vocalist Mikey Chapman.

There was also a collection of throwbacks, such as ‘When are we waking up?’, ‘Beggars’ and ‘Wake Up’ taken from their previous albums ‘Asymmetry’ and ‘Signals’.Waxing lyrical about how society has changed with the rise of violence and his opinion on America’s president, Donald Trump, a roaring reception was emitted from the crowd, a sign of a mutual understanding, before breaking into the track ‘Saviour’.

Proud of their set and where they were as a band, smiles beamed from the faces of Sam Douglas, Mikey Chapman, Dave Rawling, James Gillett and Joe Savins throughout their set.

Thanking the crowd for being there and how they were happy to be back in Birmingham, rounding off the night was the crowd classic, ‘Lighthouse’ and the thought-provoking and relatable to many of us, ‘Better Off Without You’. The distinctive vocals, the poetic lyrics, the energy, the enthusiasm and the confidence- factors of what makes a great gig, but most of all what sums up Mallory Knox’s live show.

Review written by Sarah Akomanyi // Photography by Charlie Wallis