LIVE: Mayday Parade @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

You know you’rein for a pretty good show when you see Mayday Parade on the bill, so when their Monters Overseas tour came to Nottingham, I was pretty excited to say the least, even more so when they were being supported by American pop punk band Man Overboard as well as Wiltshire rockers Decade and  alt-punk band Divided by Friday.


The first band of the night was Divided By Friday, a high-energy pop-punk band in the vein of Fallout Boy and Panic! At The Disco. Sugar-sweet melodies and hooks captured the crowd’s attention, and for a relatively unknown band, they did well to get the crowd moving, stetting the gig off to a good start, whilst making a good impression and raising the bar for the other act to follow.


The crowd took a while to warm up to Decade, but their infectious feel-good Brit-pop rock soon won them over and as a whole band was incredibly tight, this was somewhat of a surprise given their relatively young age, the longer they were on, they went from strength to strengthen, drawing the crowd in and by the time it had got to their closing song “British Weather”, the the whole room jumping!, this was partly down to the band’s vocalist, Alex Sears, who showed an impressive range and confidence throughout.


Next up was New Jersey band Man Overboard, surprisingly set  their received mixed reactions compared to the two smaller bands that preceded them, their unique brand of emo-pop-rock had their die-hard fans going crazy and singing along to every word, but sadly their high-pitched, often-whinny vocals weren’t to everyone’s taste, and often fell short of the tight harmonies on their recorded material, with both vocalists also playing guitar and bass, they were tied down to their mic stands and the whole performance felt very static. An acquired taste.


Finally, it was time for Mayday Parade’s to take to the stage, opening with “Ghosts” they automatically had the audience hooked. It was clear that this was the band everyone had come to see, and with a set filled with soaring choruses and huge sing-alongs, they didn’t disappoint. Vocalist Derek Sanders stole the show, his voice powerful and gravelly, which more than made up for slightly sloppy guitar work in places. Piano ballad “Miserable At Best” showed a more vulnerable side to Sanders’ voice, showing the full extent of his range. With a new album out recently, they could have easily over-played the new material to push album sales, but instead played a well-balanced mix of songs new and old. And just as well; it was clear their earlier hits were the fans’ favourites, with “Jamie All Over”, “Three Cheers for Five Years” and closing song “Jersey” getting the biggest reactions from the crowd. This is a band who knew what they were doing, and knew how to keep the audience hanging on every word. An impressive performance that would be hard to better.




















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Review written by Chris Clough

Live Photography by Cara Wain (

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