LIVE REVIEW: Pure Love @ The Underworld, London

Heading down to London on a beautiful day is something which should be cherished, especially when it’s the same day that Pure Love are playing their final tour dates. Having started out in 2011, Pure Love have become one of the most memorable bands to take control of the UK music scene, filling their sets with crowdsurfing, human pyramids and downright fun. These are definitely going to be a band which will be sorely missed.


The only support act of the night were a band called PUP. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, they were the perfect support for Pure Love. Filling the room with catchy, danceable and anthemic songs, there was no doubt that these were going to be a hit.

Having not played the United Kingdom much before, PUP were so grateful to be there and play in front of a few hundred people. Their latest single ‘Lionheart’, filled with gang vocals, memorable chorus’ and pop punk melodies, was most definitely the highlight of their set and had left me singing it for days. You know you’ve had a good show, when you smash your guitar on the drum kit to exit the stage.


It was finally the time for Pure Love to take to the stage. They are made up of two people; Jimmy Carroll (ex Hope Conspiracy) and Frank Carter (ex Gallows). As this was their farewell tour before a hiatus, there was nothing that they were trying to achieve but to have fun. Pure Love put all their energy levels into their performance and show that no matter what, rock ‘n’ roll still exists.

10322797_702324353158765_8543192995590456634_n© Kevin Wells – Life Is Better Still

Within the first 30 seconds that Pure Love took to the stage, the crowd were raring to go, both Jimmy and Frank were crowd surfing their hearts out and encouraging the audience to do the same. It was absolute chaos right from the beginning song ‘She (Makes The Devil Run Through Me)’, right through to the last ‘Riot Song’.

Throughout the set, the drums got took onto the crammed floor space at Camden Underworld. No matter how much of a risky idea this was, it paid off. The crowd created a circle pit around it and even managed to crowdsurf the drums with the drummer in tow back to the stage. Their new tracks ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Hyena’ were brilliant to hear for the first time, even with the slight hiccup from Frank forgetting the words. Despite being one of the most entertaining sets I’ve possibly ever seen, it was such a shame that it had to end so soon. An 11 song set is a shame to see from a band going on hiatus.

The set received major technical difficulties throughout the night due to crowdsurfers landing on the pedal boards and breaking the equipment. Even though this is definitely something which no band can foresee, Pure Love dealt with it professionally and smoothly, so that the show could carry on. Apart from that one technical hitch, the show was one of the most fun things I’ve seen in the past 6 years of going to see live bands. British music at its best.


1. She (Makes The Devil Run Through Me)
2. Beach of Diamonds
3. The Hits
4. Anthem
5. Handsome Devil’s Club
6. Hurricane
7. Hyenas
8. Burning Love
9. The Power of Love (Huey Lewis and the News cover)
10. Bury My Bones
11. Scared to Death
12. Riot Song

Written by Nikki Limbrick.