MUSIC REVIEW: My Fictions – ‘Stranger Songs’


Four-piece post-hardcore band, My Fictions released their first full length studio album this month. Since forming in 2010, the band have gone from strength to strength and now bring you ‘Stranger Songs’; an album of heavy and, by their own admission, dark music.

The opening track, ‘Mt. Misery’ begins with about a minute of delicate guitar riffs and gentle drum beats, which is quite a contrast to what follows for the majority of the album. The track, ‘Stranger’ feels a lot more downbeat and relaxed and I would have to say that it it my favourite track from the album. With the amount of energy conveyed through the music and vocals in every song, you definitely couldn’t accuse this record of being lacklustre.

My Fictions have drawn upon their influences, which include American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) and Converge, to gain inspiration while remaining unique and bringing their own sound to the hardcore table. Highly respected hardcore bands are prolific in Boston and being formed in Massachusetts, these guys are sure to be no exception. If you’re into this genre, give it a go. I’m not usually a fan of heavy music, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy listening to it. 


 ‘Stranger Songs’ is now available to purchase from iTunes, Amazon & Spotify.


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Review by Katie Luckhurst.