MUSIC REVIEW: Metasoma – ‘Dead Happy’


Well its been a long hard day at work, and the weather is still crappy, naturally its time to relax at home with a beer and listen to some damn fine music brought to us this time by London chaps Metasoma with their EP ‘Dead Happy’.

‘I Hide’ leads straight in with no f***ing about with the pounding of heavy drums, bursting into a 4/4 groovy lead riff. Vocals are a fantastic mix of emotional anger in the verse and well executed vocal harmonies in the hooky choruses. I couldn’t help but feel a bit cut off in the outro, the song really appeared to be coming up and then ended abruptly, maybe thats because it was getting heavier and I personally was diggin’ it. Fans of Disturbed will absolutely love this track, frontman Amro’s vocals are very reminiscent of David Draiman.

‘Sane Psychopath Addict’┬áin a pied piper fashion, both kick drum and bass instantaneously get the head banging. Excellent drum work in this track, kept standard in the verse and chorus to give the (again very groove orientated) guitars and vocals the foor until the furious culmination at the end.


We then move onto what could be considered the anthem of the selection, and the title track ‘Dead Happy’. A lot of feeling behind this one, very wistful in places both with the choice of lyrics and melancholy sounding lead riff, but both working well together to acheive a fantastic melody. Lead out by the sound of falling rain, thought of by many to be cliche’ but when it works it works.

Finally We Have ‘Rise Up’, revisiting the style they have comfortably adopted throughout but with an added fury in places making this number aptly named. The guitar tracks are exactly what I have been waiting for, solos with no holds barred and a stomping, unflinching meatiness.

Its always a day brightener when you can come across unsigned bands still bringing this sort of level to the table.


Review by Jordan Spencer