With Macmillan Fest #6 looming ever closer, we caught up with headliners Evil Scarecrow to see how they’re getting on.


We’re pretty excited to have Evil Scarecrow headlining Macmillan Fest 2015! Do you have anything special in store for your hometown? 

You should be excited! It’s going to be an awesome day. As it’s our hometown we may have a few additions to the show, we might play something odd… but we can’t possibly reveal such information to you without having to kill you I am afraid. I’m too worn out from enjoying Bloodstock this year to go on another killing spree. Plus, I’d need to buy new scalpels, find a nearby killing room, some old carpet to roll you up in. Frankly it’s just too much hassle, so it’s probably best we leave you guessing.

You recently started a new pledge campaign to get yourself some new wheels, which seems to be going pretty well! Will the new ride have any special features? 

Yes! Our old van is struggling under the weight of our, frankly, awesome stage show. Crabulon needs more crawl space and we’re sick of him hitting us in the face. So we’ve released some exclusives to try and raise some money for something bigger, with less of a ‘falling to bits’ look about it. I guess it will depend how much we make selling our old gumph as to being able to afford cool features, such as a skull on the gear stick or a fold out jacuzzi for all our adoring fans to strip off into.

You’ve smashed Bloodstock and destroyed Download..  Where do you hope to conquer next? 

We love both those festivals! I’d be happy just playing them again 🙂 Stage 2 at Download would be sweet, a longer set at Bloodstock (main support?) would also be amazing. But I guess it’s time for us to try and get our sorry asses over to Europe really. I’m sacrificing various animals and writing threatening letters in the hope that we could play Wacken. That would be something. Plus, I can speak a tiny bit of German. In fact we used to have a song called “Wo wohnst du?” entirely in German, using our best GCSE German skills… Here is a line from it that you can cut and paste in Google translate to make your life more exciting:

“Mein Vogel Fragt mir ‘wo ich wohne’. Aber ich habe furchtbar durchfall!”

This is Macmillan Fest’s first year becoming a dual location festival with Bristol.  How does it feel to be a part of that milestone? 

It’s an honour of course! We’ve supported Macmillan Fest over the years so it’s great to finally be a part of it. Plus, Bristol is great. Plus, we get to play on a boat for a second time. Not many bands get to reach that milestone I reckon.

If you could brand anything with the Evil Scarecrow logo, what new items would we see on your merch table? 

Ha! That’s begging for a rude reply… I’ll keep clean though as I am a pro. Well if I could brand (and monetise) anything it would have to be things essential to humans such as the world’s oxygen or the sea. We’d get royalties for you regular jerk-offs breathing our valuable air and aliens would see our logo on the sea and check out our MySpace page etc. I’d be loaded. I bet you were expecting something like ‘a kettle’ but frankly if it’s something that can brand, we probably will. Besides you did say anything.

What is the best indoor venue you have played and why? 

Erg. That’s a bit of a boring question. Plus it relies on my terrible memory. Not only that, all the brilliant venues that I don’t mention will be all pissed off with me. So I’m gonna make up my own question…

Q6 – Living or dead who would you most like to be one of your roadies?

A – Bruce Lee

Who would win in a fight?  Crabulon or Robototron?

Crabulon. He has an army. Robototron is just a whiney little girl if you ask me. On the other hand Robototron would obviously win. Or it would be a draw. Maybe and perhaps they would probably, definitely form an alliance, like a Tyrannosaur and a Raptor do at the end of the awful Jurassic World movie to kill Godzilla. Why did they just nod and wander off without trying to destroy each other or at least try and eat the annoying humans. Dumb. Crabulon vs Robototron would be a much better movie, especially if I was directing. None of this saccharine US-Hollywood-Dinosaurs-Love-Each-Other bullshit. Just give me the same budget, it will be epic… and definitely not a straight to SyFy channel movie.

For any festival goers that will be Evil Scarecrow first timers, how would you describe your live performance to them?

Sexy. Traumatic. Confusing.

Like 2 hot twins getting off with each other for money so that they can buy more heroine to forget the whole ordeal.

Interview by Laura Pearson.


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