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What are you looking forward to the most about being a part of Macmillan fest?

Playing festivals are always great. You get to meet and play to people you perhaps wouldn’t do normally. Obviously it’s always nice to see a few familiar faces and we’re lucky to have such a loyal and dedicated fan base. I think most of all, we’re excited to be part of such a great cause. This festival has never failed to impress and it’s always easy to see, there’s been some incredible work done each year.

What do you think will make this festival a different experience compared to ones you have played before?

Indoor festivals have always got their own unique vibe, particularly Macmillan. With all the venues being in such a close proximity, the whole day feels a lot more intimate. It’s very easy to swing by and check someone out you may not have seen before and really get into what they’re doing. The Nottingham scene is fantastic at the moment and everyone will be buzzing off it.

You’re set to support Bowling For Soup on their headline tour next year. What do you think this tour has in store for Lacey?

We’ve been blessed with such an amazing opportunity to support Punk-Rock royalty. Jaret has always been extremely supportive of Lacey, we’ve toured with his other band, People on Vacation a couple of times. The term ‘playing with the big boys’ definitely applies here. We’ll have to make sure we bring our A-game and show everyone what Lacey are all about. I think it’s safe to say there’ll be some drinking, let’s just hope we can keep up.

What were your initial goals when the band first got together?

I guess anyone who starts a band would love to eventually do it for a living. I wouldn’t say that was our initial goal when we started out, we just wanted to write songs and play shows. However it becomes addictive, the only way to feed that is to do it day in and day out and there’s nothing we’d love more. For the time being we’d like to continue writing, we’re currently working towards a new EP, and to play as many shows as possible.

With festival season underway, what bands would you recommend people to see live or listen to?

We love the British Rock scene at the minute. We’ve managed to catch You Me At Six, Don Broco, We Are the Ocean and Lower Than Atlantis this summer and they were all incredible. It’s great to see so many British acts flying the flag and doing well.

What have you learnt on tour that can be applied to life in general?

One of the best things for us we’ve found when touring is the willingness of people in the UK to support and get behind live music. There’s definitely a buzz back around the British scene and it’s incredible to be a part of that. People seem really invested in what you’re doing and live music is such a big part of people’s live and it’s amazing to share that with them.

I guess we want that to continue and for more and more people to get involved. Added to that, we’ve learned baby wipes can be your best friends, and alcohol will ruin you!

Any advice that you were given, either personally or the band that you can use as guidance in life?

The biggest one for us would be, don’t be left wondering ‘what if?’. It’s better to try something and give your all and have it not work out, then to ponder over what could have been. That’s the ethos Lacey have always had.

Similarly – working extremely hard is key. One thing we’ve learned as a band is that no-one is ever going to just give you something. If you want something, you’ve got to work and work until you get it. It’s the age old phrase, you only get out what you put in.

I think both points are good ways to be living your life.

Other than musicians, are there any other media forms that influence the band?

Movies are a big one for us. I think good stories can help influence songs, a song is essentially the telling of a story, just through a different creative outlet. I think certain films can definitely influence the mood, tone and feel of a song. A couple of our songs have been loosely based around the plots of certain movies; this would obviously affect the lyrical content and is always a fun and interesting way to write.

What are your top 3 tips for surviving a festival?

Being as this is the UK, I think some form of water proof clothing would be a good start. I made the mistake of forgetting one year but managed to fashion something out of a bin bag. Added to that, wellies are a good one, plus you look really cool. I think ibuprofen would shout, wouldn’t want those hangover ruining a festival experience.

MACMILLAN FEST Nottingham has already happened, but this year the festival is also being held in Bristol on Saturday 26th September. Tickets available here for £8 + booking fee!

Interview by Sarah Akomanyi.


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