REVIEW: Deaf Havana @ Academy, Manchester


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Deaf Havana are a band who have grown to be loved by a variety of people; rockers, pop addicts and metal heads. Over the last few years, their luck and talent has led the band to rapid success, amounting in recognition on an international scale.

Having forgotten how big a venue Academy in Manchester is, I got stuck in the queues and unfortunately was unable to see the first half of the set from The People, The Poet. However, from what I did hear of them, they blew me away.

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With a naturally chilled atmosphere to the band, they set the tone right for the night. Combining acoustic guitars, violins and two beautifully calming vocals provided by Leon Stanford and Greta Issac, The People The Poet are a band not to miss out on. Showcasing the setlist with most of the songs from their debut album ‘The Narrator’.

‘The Narrator’ is available to purchase from iTunes, Amazon & Spotify.


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Taking to the stage next are a band called The Maine from Arizona, USA. These were a highly-anticipated by a vast amount of the audience and didn’t fail to impress.

Filling the room with energetic pop-punk melodies, infectious chorus’ and an energy filled show, The Maine are definitely on their way to taking the UK music scene by storm. The crowd, singing along to every word, made the band feel welcomed back to Manchester.

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The Maine have just released a live concert and documentary called ‘An Acoustic Evening With The Maine’. Check it out here!


The band which everyone was waiting for were about to take to the stage. Being there biggest headline date so far, Deaf Havana, a sextet, originally from Kings Lynn have definitely managed to melt the hearts of people living in the United Kingdom.

Having not played Manchester since the release of their latest album ‘Old Souls’, this was definitely an event which was not to be missed. Filling their set with crowd pleasers from each of their releases like ‘Hunstanton Pier’, ‘Nicotine and Alcohol Saved My Life’ and ‘Boston Square’, Deaf Havana are a band who are consistently brilliant in everything they do.

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Of the stand-out tracks of the evening for me, was one off their latest album called ‘Saved’. This song is completely chilling, especially when over 2,000 people are singing it back. Deaf Havana are a band who sound like nobody else in the United Kingdom right now. One combining acoustic guitars, ukuleles and strings with heartfelt melodies and relatable lyrics, they are definitely becoming one of the well-loved bands in the United Kingdom.

Review by Nikki Limbrick


1) Lights
2) Everybody’s Dancing and I Want to Die
3) Smiles All Round
4) 22
5) I’m a Bore, Mostly
6) I Will Try
7) Leeches
8) The Past Six Years
9) Little White Lies (Alternative version)
10) Night Drives
11) Boston Square
12) Anemophobia
13) Hunstanton Pier
14) Saved
15) Mildred
16) The World or Nothing
17) Nicotine and Alcohol Saved My Life
18) Caro Padre

Deaf Havana’s latest album release ‘Old Souls’ is available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify.