MUSIC REVIEW: Lonely The Brave – ‘The Day’s War’

ltb-thedayswar‘The Day’s War’ is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify.


It’s finally arrived. Following a whirlwind past year from the release of ’Backroads’ EP, to performances at Download and Reading & Leeds and support slots with the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Deftones, Lonely The Brave have finally put ‘The Day’s War’ into the world. And it has to be explained, the wait was most definitely worth it.

Opening with an ambient guitar introduction, single ‘Trick Of The Light’ not only proves effective in highlighting the original style that Lonely The Brave have effectively perfected in such a short period of time but proves that this album aims to contrast up-tempo moments with the subtle.

This is followed by arguably their most successful single to date ‘Backroads’, David Jakes vocals proving a point of bliss upon the delivery of the chorus. One of the true enduring factors of this record, is its ability to highlight David’s vocal talents and lyrical delivery which are of the greatest ability at such an early stage in their career. If this can translate into growth and improvement, then the heights that Lonely The Brave could reach would appear endless. Stylistically the sound veers towards arena rock, if not only for the size and vastness that these songs possess.

The album highlight finds itself nested in ‘The Blue, The Green’ which builds into a crescendo of epic proportions highlighting the talents of all band members to a point of amazement. It’s at this point within the record, that things become apparent. For all the hype and buzz, become understood.

This album feels like a record best listened to the whole way through, as interspersed with interlude’s make the listening experience seem like a journey that once over, you feel as if the world is a much more wonderful place. The only points on which criticism can be attached, is that if you don’t like the bands style then you possibly won’t find a song on the record that you enjoy as the style doesn’t variably change within this record.

Also there are only a small number of tracks on the album that haven’t been released previously, be it on the ‘Backroads’ release or as singles prior to the albums released. But that shouldn’t do anything to draw away from talent highlighted on this record. It’s undoubtedly one of the strongest debut releases from any artists in recent years, with the ability to transcend any scene or prejudices. Essentially perfection in recorded form.


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Written by Dan Earl.