ALBUM REVIEW: Slough Feg – Digital Resistance

SLOUGHFEG_PROMO2010Having been around since the early to mid-nineties Slough Feg have built up a loyal fan base, especially within the European underground. Their unique brand of Celtic Folk and Traditional Metal has been setting them out from the crowd for years, and there’s no change here.


Digital Resistance is a semi-concept album which focuses on; well you guessed it, the Digital Resistance and the role of technology today. However, use of the theme and concept isn’t too heavy so if you’re looking for a casual listen this album is still for you. The songs themselves are bursting with energy and feel like they were made to play live, you can feel that there’s an overall theme for the album as the songs smoothly transition into the next one. Whether you’re into metal, folk or just want to try something a bit different, Digital Resistance is worth a listen.


The stand out songs from this album have to be Digital Resistance, Ghastly Appendage and Laser Enforcer

The album is out now on Metal Blade Records and can be bought on CD, Vinyl or via Digital download.






Review by Gemma Stevenson (Stop Play Listen)