Music Review: American Football – ‘Never Meant’

With their self titled album released in 1999, Illinois indie emo band American Football released ‘Never Meant’, a song which in my opinion was the the best emo song ever written, now finally after a 15 year wait, it has been released as a single and recorded a completely new music video to go along with it.



Acting almost as a crib-sheet for emo, this song manages to sound retro and brand new all at once. Embracing influences such as the lighter instrumentation of indie rock, and the time signature changes of math rock, American Football wrote the most famous emo album of all time, and ‘Never Meant’ is the best song they ever wrote. Noodling guitar and bass lines inter-twine and weave like spiders silk, while the drums keep pace well. Lyrically the song is all about lost love. Vocalist, guitarist and bassist Mike Kensella captures those teenage feelings perfectly, like a message in a bottle, when he says “So let’s just pretend / everything and anything / between you and me / was never meant”.

The album ‘American Football’ is available now on CD and digital download via PolyVinyl Records.

Written By Sam Cowen