Music Review: Driver Friendly – ‘Stand So Tall’


Driver Friendly are one of a crop of new pop-punk bands, with the emphasis on pop, hoping to take the summer by storm, and leave a lasting impression on youths and Warped Tour goers everywhere. In a bid to claim the summer pop-punk tune of the summer (arguably won last year by State Champs‘ single ‘Elevated’), Driver Friendly released their music video for ‘Stand So Tall’, featuring Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years.

It’s catchy and energetic, in a way that will make it a car stereo favourite during the upcoming summer months (although any songs featuring these trumpets are always going to be a contender) and it’s silky smooth call and return vocals, reminiscent of a poppier Taking Back Sunday, will make for great crowd participation live.

Dan Campbell’s appearance in the bridge is a particular delight and a nice change of pace as he sings “I’m collapsable at best”. As the song ends, it’s apparent Driver Friendly are here to stay, and will only grow in size over the following year, and with the full backing of Hopeless Records, this time next year we could be talking about them amongst the genre’s elite.


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