Music Review: Lower Than Atlantis – ‘Here We Go’

The long awaited return of Lower Than Atlantis has finally become a reality when they premiered their new music video for ‘Here We Go’ on Monday evening.

Feeling like a further departure from their roots, this song showcases a more arena-ready sound, which the fans have been waiting for. The song is incredibly bass heavy and the tone is crunchy enough to give a false impression of “heaviness” despite the songs stop-start riffs. Driven by pounding drums, the verse wizzes by, before the chorus ditches the slower pounding of the verse for a more traditionally LTA approach. Mike Duce’s trademark accent and vocals are thankfully untouched and are a highlight of every Lower Than Atlantis song.

‘Here We Go’ is taken from LTA’s self titled album which is set to be released on September 29th. Purchase ‘Here We Go’ from

Written by Sam Cowen.


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