Music Review: Real Friends – ‘Sixteen’


With a new album coming out via Fearless Records in just over a months time, pop-punk/emo band, Real Friends have dropped a second single from their upcoming record. After the fast paced, signature pop-punk lead single ‘Loose Ends’, the second single from the album ‘Maybe This Place Is The Same’ and ‘We’re Just Changing’ are both a slower, more contemplative songs. Normally this is what Real Friends do best, with ‘I’ve Given Up On You’, ‘Skeletons’ ‘Hebron’ being three of their slowest and best songs.

‘Sixteen’, however, falls flat. As usual for a Real Friends’ ballad, the track takes it’s lead from old school emo bands like American Football, containing winding guitars and light bass, weaving together in a dream like background.

Unfortunately, it’s the vocals that let the song down, as they really fail to leave much lasting impact. Lyrically the song is typically relatable, but in this case they simply feel dumbed down, almost as if they were watered down for mass consumption, perhaps most apparent when vocalist Dan Lambton sings “I’m stuck here with the choices I’ve made / and the chances I was too afraid to take”, in a sentiment heard a thousand times before in other, and most importantly better songs from the band.

It’s not a bad song, simply a safe one, that leaves us hoping it’s the weakest on the record.


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Written by Sam Cowen.